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Project Manager Resume

A project manager resume in IT industry is written by a person applying for a managerial position, where his responsibilities will vary depending upon the kind of project being undertaken. These projects are undertaken by him for the clients or company for which he is working. All the projects in their nature are timebound and involve a certain amount of budget, which is approved by the client company and project manager's company in unison. A project manager has to put in line the resources and materials for completing the project within the allocated budget and time limit. Apart from this, he is also to handle and lead a team of experts to manage the various aspects involved in the execution of a project.

These projects may involve:

  • Developing of new applications for the clients
  • Upgrading the client systems with the latest versions of the required software applications
  • Putting in place the infrastructure for Wi-Fi network in the client's office
  • Testing the equipment and other software for compatibility and making alterations to the codings
  • Like these, there are several other projects involved in the IT industry that are to be worked on by these experts and their teams

In terms of education, an applicant for this post needs to be at least a computer graduate. Professionally, prior experience is a must, as this is a higher designation. While writing a resume, the following points are to be kept in mind in order to make your resume more effective.

Be clear about the aim of resume - The aim of your resume is to impress the recruiter sufficiently in order to influence him to select you for the next round of interview. This could be done only by writing the resume with a clear thought process. The kind of details to be added and points to be mentioned in the first place - all these details are to be thought and planned well in advance. The reader, after all, is only concerned about reading the relevant details.

Back your skills with their application - Whenever you mention about any kind of skill, the information should be backed with details indicating where you used those skills in your line of work.

Proofread the resume properly - Avoiding any kind of mistake is very crucial for the effectiveness of your resume. It is thus suggested that you proofread it at least twice before sending it across to the recruiter.

Use bullet points - All the information under each section heading must be written in bullet points in a short, concise manner. Here is a project manager resume sample for your reference.

Henry Kline
123, Hector Boulevard
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 422-6543


To work as a project manager on various challenging assignments and deliver to the fullest capacity, thus meeting the deadlines with substantial and desired results.

Profile Summary:

  • Winner of 'Best Team Manager' award at GHG Technologies
  • Excellent experience of 6 years combined with the successful conclusion of several small to medium scale projects
  • Up-to-date knowledge of all systems and processes
  • Extensive knowledge of software applications and supporting hardware configurations
  • Good at working around Windows and Mac operating systems

Key Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • Great management skills for handling large teams of employees and extracting the desired performance
  • Knowledge of various computer based languages such as HTML, C++, XHTML, etc.
  • Expert in debugging software and getting them ready for use

Work Summary:

GHG Technologies, New York
Project Manager- Software

  • Won 'Best Team Manager' award in 2013
  • Researching on various applicable system models for the clients and analyzing their adaptability and performance
  • Selecting the right team members depending upon the nature of project
  • Breaking down the projects into several stages and working on each stage with complete focus
  • Training the new joiners

Oscar Systems, Utah
(2008- 2011)

  • Developed and coded new custom made programs for the client companies
  • Managed all upgrade and installation processes and trained the clients in the usage of various software
  • Prepared reports of the work done on a weekly basis

Educational Qualifications:

  • Diploma in C, C++,HTML, and XHTML from New York University, 2008
  • Master of Computer Science from New York University, 2007
  • Bachelor of Computer Science from New York University, 2005


(Fill this section suitably.)


John Nick
Oscar Systems, Utah

Contact: (231)-523-1156
Email Id:

This is how you write a project manager resume. Review the example provided above and equip yourself with some of the best resume writing tips and win your favored job prospect.

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