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LAN Administrator Resume

A LAN administrator resume is written by an applicant whose primary responsibility, if he gets the job, will be to administer and take care of all the network hubs in an office, managing TCP/IP networking protocols and ensuring smooth connections. At the educational level, he will require a bachelor's degree in computer science; for a higher pay scale, a master's degree is preferred in the same technical IT field.

Following is a LAN administrator resume sample which depicts the writing style and content type that must be used for writing a good resume.

Charlie Weatherman
123, Sunny St
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 422-0232


To secure a job in the IT industry and fulfill my duties as a LAN administrator to the best of my capacities and while doing so, polish the existing and pick up new skills that will help me in my future career.


  • 4 years of rich experience in IT administration jobs, handling a variety of responsibilities ranging from systems operations to LAN operations
  • Head of the IT networks department during my job at XYZ Pvt. Ltd.
  • Skillful in all network related operations and those related to the inspection of workstations
  • Knowledgeable about the design and development of Wi-Fi infrastructure in an office setting

Skills Summary

  • Excellent team spirit and good interpersonal skills
  • Extensive knowledge of various computer languages that include C, C++, and SQL
  • Skillful in conducting layout designing and analysis of network connections


XYZ Pvt. Ltd., Chester,VA
IT (Networks Head) (2012-Present)

  • Decreased process time and data entry errors by mounting an online program which was permitted to program managers to submit model number information
  • Took server backups from time to time and preserved the official data in the most efficient manner
  • Monitored the network traffic and maintained the usage log of every system for future reference
  • Trained new employees in the IT department regarding the usage and servicing of the networks
  • Performed regular servicing of all workstation servers and updated their virus definitions

ABC Corporation
Assistant Networks In-charge (2010-2012)

  • Ensuring and maintaining up-to-date program licenses for all the applications in the office systems
  • Installing Wi-Fi for the entire office floor
  • Keeping the updated versions of account software and virus definitions
  • Setting up general user groups and circles while also setting up and sharing administrative right permissions with the higher management
  • Streamlining the flow of information with the creation of designated system directories

Branagh Financial Services, Raleigh, NC
Intern (January 2010- April 2010)

  • Identifying the system needs and communicating any problem that arises in the operations to the administrator at first hand
  • Identifying the system shortcomings due to hardware issues and communicating the needed hardware upgradation to the IT department
  • Keeping the service providers in loop and obtaining good deals from them in terms of new computer accessory purchases
  • Working together with the systems network administrators and frontline technicians to understand the possible problems and procedures at both the ends


Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
Master's Degree in Systems Network Engineering (2010)

Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (2008)


Appreciated for installing Wi-Fi for the entire office floor while working at ABC Corporation.


Available on request

This is the right format for writing a LAN administrator resume. It includes the objective statement, profile summary, skills, work experience, educational qualifications, achievements, and references of the candidate. While following this format, care must be taken that you don't overpopulate any of these categories by giving too much of information; one should only stick to relevant details which can be useful for impressing the reader. While objective statement is important in making an impression on the reader, it is the kind of content in the subsequent body that decides whether you will be called for the next round of interview or not.

Mentioning the names of some well known companies or clients for which you may have worked in the past will definitely prove to be very useful, as this will give the reader an impression of your wide spread and rich experience. Use of technical terms and industry jargons can be regarded, as these may be the keywords that the reader may look forward to while going through your application. All the best!

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