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Information Analyst Resume

The information analyst resume is an educational as well as professional log of the applicant, which decides his faith in the company in which he is applying.

The job of an information analyst mainly relates to the software and hardware functions of computers. He is hired for examining the data of computing systems of the organization he is working for. Authenticity and proper functionality of such systems is the main responsibility of the information analysts of that company.

To work as an information analyst, one needs to hold at least a bachelor's degree in the stream of computer science. As per the requirements of this profession, an information analyst must be equipped with updated knowledge of this field, including the vital factors about computer programming, hardware development etc. He should be a skilled person with excellent communication skills and smartness quotient.

While writing a resume for the information analyst post, most of the times, the candidate's educational qualifications are highlighted because updated knowledge and information about the technologies is expected by the hirers when hiring anyone for this position.

James C. Turner
155 Chandler Drive
Seligman, MO 65745
Phone- 417-662-3545
Date- September 27, 2010

Career Objective:

Obtaining the position of Information Analyst with the help of the talent and educational qualifications gained by me all through my extensive years of experience in the field.

Educational Qualification:

California Baptist University, Riverside, CA (Dec-2011)
Master of Computer Science

Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA (May-2009)
Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Key Skills:

  • Updated with all the current hi-tech developments in the field
  • Dedication towards the job and willingness to learn more
  • Quick in solving critical technological problems
  • Good communication skills
  • Well versed with computer languages and effective strategies to solve various technical problems

Technical Summary-


  • Ethernet networking devices and CD-ROMs
  • LANpress print servers
  • HP Laser and Epson FX printers
  • Cabletron MMACs
  • IBM
  • Toshiba 386 and 486 PCs and laptops


  • DOS
  • Windows
  • WordPerfect
  • Fastback Plus
  • Paradox
  • Lotus 1-2-3

Professional Experience:

Jacobs Engineering Group, Pasadena, CA (2012- 2014)

Information Analyst

  • Manage publish servers and publish queues
  • Retained CD-ROMS, IBM PS2 95XP 486 file servers, UPS, Cabletron MMAC hubs, additional storage devices, including IRMs, TPMIMs, and tape backup units
  • Build up system configurations with emphasis on memory optimization for different PCs on the network consisting of Toshiba, Compaq, IBM, Microsmart, and DEC
  • Provide user guidance for office purpose with the use of WordPerfect and Paradox
  • Contribute as a team to execute new customs of serving IBM host and VAX users
  • Locate inaccessible workstations admittance through terminal servers, ISNs, and Novell Access Servers
  • Support present Windows and DOS operating systems
  • Maintain PC tools such as Direct Access, Fastback, QEMM, and Norton Utilities
  • Execute Novell system management responsibilities on a 35-file server, 4000-user system
  • Establish skills for problem solving in a IBM microcomputer system and Novell network surroundings


Gold Medal at California Baptist University Riverside (2010)
'Best Employee' award at Jacobs Engineering Group (2013)

An information analyst's job demands him to work hard while making optimum use of the brain unlike most of the other physically straining jobs. Hence, a candidate should describe his educational background impressively in front of the recruiter. He should mention his entire educational background in good detail using a simple and brief language. Any additional certificates or qualifications are considered as welcome points for the candidate's job profile. So, take assistance of this resume sample and apply for your desired position. All the best for your dream job!

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