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Director of Information Services Resume

The director of information services resume is written by a person of higher experience and relevant education in the field/s of computer technology and/or telecom. His role is to lead an entire department towards facilitating the flow of information across various levels of the organization or various people in a group and also get the system related problems resolved. He is responsible for the development and installation of information management systems. After the installation stage, comes the day-to-day management of the information flow, which is done by him with the help of various IT subordinates who, on a daily basis, take care of all the systems, operating platforms, computer performances, and processing speeds. He is also supposed to keep the system configurations up-to-date for facilitating optimum performance.

When it comes to handling large volumes of information, one needs to side by side develop efficient system backup plans and recovery programs that can guarantee the safeguarding of all the data. Getting such a position requires at least 15 years of rich experience in the related fields along with the ability to lead teams.

Following are the sections that should be covered in such a resume.

Objective Statement - Write a crisp and short account of your motivation level with respect to the job at hand and state how you perceive to perform at this job.

  • Profile Summary - This section summarizes all the important points of your resume in one section. Remember, this section doesn't include your skills.

    Skills Summary - This section states all your work related skills that you have learned over the years of experience.

  • Work Experience - This encapsulates all yours work experience in a reverse chronological order, including the company names along with the posts held by you.

    Educational Qualifications - This too, in reverse chronological order, states your relevant educational qualifications.

    Achievements - This is a section where you mention all your professional achievements, thus highlighting your value to the company.

    Following is a director of information services resume sample for your reference.

    George Forrest
    24 Emmy Street
    Bellmore, NY 11710
    (516) 788-0932

    Objective Statement:

    To work as a director of information services for a leading MNC and handle the overall flow of information and performance of the server systems, thus facilitating smooth and error free information generation across all levels of the organization.

    Profile Summary:

    • 15 years of experience in the field of systems management
    • Excellent in developing new information delivery models and incorporating suitable changes into the office networks
    • Knowledgeable about the information flow server protocols and able to modify them as per the need
    • Up-to-date with all the latest networking models and information systems
    • Extensive knowledge of IT integrated systems and procedures

    Key Skills:

    • Good communication skills in written and verbal English
    • Knowledge of various computer languages such as C, C++, Java, and XHTML
    • Excellent management skills with focus on continuously improving the team performance
    • Excellent interpersonal skills with an easy to approach nature
    • Complete knowledge of information database management, hardware, software, and network infrastructures

    Work Summary:

    XYZ Technologies, New York
    IT Head

    • Functioning as the head of the company's IT department, managing all the IT related tasks
    • Conducting regular systems and networks testing and updating
    • Providing an open environment for smooth information sharing network across all the departments
    • Coordinating and sanctioning all the systems development and installation processes

    Bruce Jone Systems, Utah
    Networks Manager
    (February 2003- December 2008)

    • Laid down the intranet and Wi-Fi infrastructures in the office
    • Monitored all the network processes and troubleshot network related problems
    • Trained the new IT trainees and made them familiar with the tour systems and database environment
    • Attended meetings with the management and briefed them about the company requirements
    • Managed the installation and upgradation processes of the office
    • Trained the employees in the usage of new operating systems or software and performed troubleshooting when required
    • Worked on the debugging process of the system applications
    • Worked in close coordination with the IT department manager of the office

    Alcatraz Systems, New York
    Assistant Manager- IT
    (January 1998- January 2003)

    • Monitored the installation of all the new hardware and software and maintained records for the same
    • Looked into the proper debugging of application errors
    • Maintained the information storage systems and backup plans for the same

    Educational Qualifications:

    • Diploma in Networking Solutions, New York University, 1998
    • Master of Business Administration, New York University, 1997
    • Bachelor of Computer Administration, New York University, 1995
    • High School, H.G. Macy High School, 1992


    (Mention your professional achievements here.)


    John Oldman
    XYZ Technologies,
    New York
    Contact: (231)-524-0454
    Email Id:

    This is how you write a director of information services resume. Consider the illustration provided above and use the tips to construct a well defined resume to attract the eyes of the recruiters.

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