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Perhaps, the most important part in a job application is drafting a resume. A resume should act as the best sales and marketing tool. This marketing is of the job skills, educational qualifications, and job experience of the candidate. One probably needs to build a perfect resume that is recognized among those of thousands of job applicants. A job search with a unique resume is a good start to any career. Without having a great resume, getting a job interview is not possible. This resume example is a tool that provides step by steps guidelines of drafting a resume that will prove to be a rewarding one in today's job market. This computer skills resume example will help you to build your writing plan in the simplest and effective manner.

In today's technological world, jobs in this industry are available in abundance. People with excellent computer skills and knowledge can have the opportunity of working in diverse fields. People with computer skills can apply for job profiles such as computer administrator, operator, engineer, system administrator, project administrator, etc.

This computer skills resume explains the job description of a computer administrator. The job responsibilities include providing support in installing and operating the computer systems, monitoring system performance, installing applications and software, troubleshooting and handling repairing work, checking and testing computer internal systems, monitoring servers and intranet servers, testing security systems, keeping and maintaining data backup, procuring computer parts, maintaining internal software systems, attending call logs, supporting users in network configuration, replacing system parts, training junior administrators, maintaining hardware, supporting the client server, planning network security measures, checking network availability, analyzing computer performance, and implementing changes, if required.

The job requires a bachelor's degree in computer science. It is necessary to possess extensive knowledge of computer applications, hardware and software systems, network servers, local network servers, network topologies, and the computer system transmission process. A computer administrator should have the skills of troubleshooting, analyzing, and monitoring the performance of various systems. It is required to possess excellent communication and management skills as well.

John Holt
651 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA
Phone: 231-667-1111

Career Objective:

To build my career as a computer administrator wherein my expertise in computer systems and computer application can make significant contributions towards organizational growth and development.

Knowledge & Core Competencies:

  • Sound knowledge of computer parts, operating systems, information systems, and network servers
  • Comprehensive knowledge of computer applications, network topologies, and system application testing procedures
  • Extensive knowledge of Windows server updates, network security systems, and Microsoft Active Directory
  • In-depth knowledge of computer software and hardware, system maintenance procedures, and system configuration process
  • Detail oriented with excellent troubleshooting and management skills
  • Proficient in communicating effectively with excellent multitasking skills

Professional Experience:

Systems Inc, Boston,
2012 till date
Computer Administrator

  • Providing administration and application support relating to Windows servers
  • Installing software and troubleshooting system operating issues
  • Checking and testing computer parts and internal functional systems
  • Maintaining the system backup process and providing technical support at enterprise level
  • Maintaining the system user list and print server and monitoring network servers
  • Procuring the computer parts and maintaining the replacement parts details
  • Handling the administrative and minor system application issues

Deenc Inc, Boston,
2010 to 2012
Junior Computer Administrator

  • Solved the network connectivity issues and tracked the software and hardware defects
  • Diagnosed the system issues as well as upgraded and installed the software
  • Resolved minor technical issues and prepared records for the tracking process
  • Assisted the staff in the procurement of system hardware and other essential software
  • Performed all other essential tasks as required under the instructions of the senior administrator

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2010
University of New York, NY

Your resume will be fruitful if prepared as the one provided in the page. The ideas communicated in this sample are simple to follow. It is the well-written resume that will take you in the positive direction. The simplest way of using this resume is by editing the sections as per your skill sets and job experience. The goal of this resume is to make your concept clear on writing a resume and help you in preparing a good resume. The contact details and other information such as company names and college/university names are fictitious. These have been used to guide you in a better and professional way.

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