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Computer Instructor Resume

In today's world, it is impossible to imagine things without the technologies that science has gifted us. For example, in order to search a record in a bank account, nobody would want to scan through the piles of paperwork as it was done earlier. One of the biggest boons of technology is the computer and it would be difficult for anyone to work without it. With its use comes the demand for instructors to teach the new technologies related to computers. The computer instructors are in great demand right since the advent of computers. If you are writing a computer instructor resume, you must know the job responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities of a Computer Instructor:

  • Teach the basic operations of a computer (such as setting date and time)
  • Acquaint the user with the tasks that can be done using a computer
  • Teach about the usage of different operating systems (OS)
  • Teach about the hardware requirements of a computer
  • Teach about the settings that can be done in a computer

Well, this was all about the job responsibilities; however, if you are wondering how a resume should be written then have a look at the sample of computer instructor resume given below.

  • Some of the points that should be remembered while writing a resume are:
  • Keeping a check on the spelling mistakes
  • Referring to a grammar book if you are not sure about the grammar usage
  • Making sure that the points you put go well with the flow

Verlene B. Bell
78 floor, KK BL.
2252 Alexander Avenue
Fremont, CA 94539
Email Address:
Phone: 893-4-4234

Career Objective:

To work as a Computer Instructor in an organization, where I would be able to use my knowledge and expertise in this field.

Career Summary:

I have completed internship in JKO Software Solution Groups Pvt. Ltd. as a Junior Intern (teaching). I assisted Prof. P. K. Paul in teaching and researching while studying MCA in State University of Fremont, CA.

Educational Details:

  • Master of Computer Administration, State University of Fremont, CA
  • Bachelor of Computer Administration, State University of Fremont, CA
  • High School Certificate, St. Peter's High School, CA

Work Experience:

Industry: JKO Software Solution Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job title: Junior Intern
Duration: 6 months

  • Teach about the fundamentals of computer workings
  • Instruct about the hardware and software settings
  • Teach the basic and advance courses
  • Conducting sessions on computer languages such as C, C++, etc.
  • Teach OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concepts
  • Inform about the peripherals and buses in computers
  • Teach about the Windows operating systems
  • Talk about the use of MS word, MS office, and MS Paint

Institution: State University of
Job title: Teaching and Research Assistantship
Duration: 6 months

  • Teach about computer administration fundamentals
  • Teach about the processor architecture and its usage in different computers
  • Instruct about the buses architecture in computers and PCI, including the interbus basics
  • Conduct sessions on hardware requirements and optimization techniques
  • Conduct tests on the usage of .Net language
  • Teach about the operations of different operating systems such as Linux and Windows
  • Teach about the commands of different operating systems

Certifications and Skills:

  • SJCP (Sun Java Certified Professional)
  • SAP 4.0 Certification
  • Good communication and teaching skills

Languages Known:

English, Korean, German (C2), Spanish, French


  1. Harry I. Lund
    1265 Deans Lane
    Chappaqua, NY 10514
    Email Address:
    Contact Number: 89-45-445-543

  2. Carl D. Martinez
    615 Marshville Road
    Pearl River, NY 10965
    Email Address:
    Contact Number: 903-434-2344

After reading the sample of computer instructor resume given above, you will definitely be able to write a job winning resume. Just make sure that you keep in mind the instructions mentioned above to write a resume. If you are a freshman, you can put your internship details in your resume as mentioned in the above sample. If you are experienced, you can put the details along with the internship details (if any). Make sure that your resume is in good condition (even you would hesitate reading a crumbled resume). Also, pay attention on the presentation i.e., the font and format. Make sure that they are uniform.

You can make your resume creative, but make sure that it is not lengthy and verbose. Some employers also demand writing strengths and weaknesses in the resume, hence do not forget to mention them. All in all, the resume should be like the one demanded by the employer.

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