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Computer Assembler Resume

We are all acquainted with the computer and laptop brands available in the market. If you want to buy a laptop, you would consider brands such as Sony, Dell etc. Well, you do have another option other than buying branded products - it is buying the assembled versions of the same product. A computer (we are concerned with desktop PCs) can also be built using separate components available in the market. You may be wondering who would be able to do that. Well, a computer assembler is the one who with his ability to understand the fundamentals of assembling the electronic components can make a computer (we are specifically discussing about assembling and not manufacturing or core hardware details here).

Let's have a look at the job description of a computer assembler, as it would be helpful in writing a computer assembler resume.

Job Responsibilities of a Computer Assembler:

  • Understand the requirements and budget of the customer
  • Prepare a budget of the assembled computer
  • Have knowledge about hardware and software requirements for a particular use and design the product accordingly
  • Meet the daily target (if working in an organization)
  • Contact the components agent

After reading the above job responsibilities, you would have got an idea about the work details that you need to mention without fail in your resume. If you are not sure about the resume writing style, just have a look at the sample of computer assembler resume given here. Before you start writing your own resume, just keep in mind a few things such as checking the spellings from the dictionary or Internet (just Google it!), using formal language and correct grammar, etc. Some employers do demand acknowledgement at the end, but do not specify on your own if it is not been demanded by the employer. The most important thing for you to keep in mind is understanding the requirements of the employer and in no way should you deviate from them.

Jesse D. Watson
67, kk BL.
3351 Golf Course Drive
Manassas, VA 22110

Career Objective:

I wish to apply my knowledge about computers and work as a Computer Assembler in an organization, where freedom of implementing new ideas to find economical solutions is encouraged.

Career Summary:

I worked as a Hardware Intern in State University of Manassas, VA for 6 months as a part of the curriculum. I joined ALL Comp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as a Junior Computer Assembler, where I worked for 2 years.

Educational Details:

  • Master of Computer Administration, State University of Manassas, VA
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hardware and Networking), State University of Manassas, VA
  • High School Certificate, St. Keri's High School, VA

Work Experience Details:

Organization: State University of Manassas, VA
Job Title: intern
Duration: 6 months


  • Work as an assistant to the senior hardware engineer
  • Contact the components supply agent
  • Complete the modules given within the deadlines
  • Suggest alternative solutions to build an economical and reliable system
  • Conduct timely checking of the software installed (operating systems, etc.)
  • Update antivirus in each system
  • Keep a database of license dates and update it regularly
  • Troubleshoot hardware issues
  • Assemble 30 machines in a day
  • Repair machines from the clients

Industry: ALL Comp Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Junior Computer Assembler
Duration: 2 years


  • Assemble 65 computer machines in a day
  • Supervise and test the machines assembled from three teams
  • Check the component listing and component prices
  • Submit the budget required for a particular project to the senior hardware engineer
  • Contact the components manufacturers and decide the budget for bulk purchase
  • Install and update the latest software in the machines
  • Select motherboard, heat sink, and SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply)
  • Design and implement the hardware soldering techniques and component mounting
  • Handle the regression, vibrations, and temperature testing of the assembled computers

Certifications and Skills:

  • Certified ISQTB professional
  • Certification in Hardware and Networking from Harvard University, MA
  • Good communication skills

Languages known:

English, Spanish, German (C2), Korean, and Japanese


  1. Louis R. Fine
    yy block , C
    4456 Sunrise Road
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
    Contact Number: 872-4-434-5

  2. Troy E. Houle
    09 Floor, KK nl.
    4410 Ersel Street
    Dallas, TX 75247
    Contact Number:784-45-65543

The sample of computer assembler resume given above states the job responsibilities and gives an idea of an ideal resume writing style. You can write the points in the sequence as shown above or try writing them in your own way. For example, if you wish, you can put the educational details at the end or skip the references if they are not asked by the employer.

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