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General Applications Programmer Resume

An applications programmer resume, also popularly known as software programmer resume, is written by a person who specializes in developing various kinds of applications or software for a wide array of clients in the IT industry. He creates, codes, and tests these programs for compatibility issues on various systems. These software programs range from custom made business applications, home desktop general applications, and tutorial applications to mobile applications and video games. In order to do this job, he needs to be proficient in computer programming languages.

The various responsibilities that he has to handle on a day-to-day basis are gathering data and understanding about clients' needs for particular software applications and what purposes are exactly supposed to be resolved. The professionals, depending on such information, lay down the entire framework for the application. This includes the flow of commands, desired function at each command, input of data, processing environment, ease of use, adaptability of the application to various operating platforms, and speed of output.

A particular set of skills required for this job requires the applicant to be knowledgeable regarding the various computer languages such as C, C++, Java, and Python. Having knowledge about various server operations and updated knowledge of hardware and their updated versions along with the chip set information. All of these are very necessary to get a job in this field. Skillful mastery of flow charts, logic, and debugging is also important.

While writing such a resume, a definitive structure needs to be kept in mind, which is as follows:

  • Objective Statement - Here is where the applicant writes a crisp, impressive statement about his confidence of how good can he prove to be for the organization and how with a high level of dedication can he prove to be efficient and most productive to the hiring company
  • Profile Summary - Through this section, one states about his USPs - the points that make one stand out from the crowd of thousands of other applicants
  • Skills - Write a brief account, in the form of bullet points, about your skills that are professionally relevant to the job you have applied for
  • Professional Experience - This is the section where the applicant has to mention the names of various companies where he has worked before along with the job posts handled by him including his responsibilities there
  • Education Background - Mention about all your relevant education, starting from the most recent one to the previous ones
  • Achievements - Mention here about your professional achievements that you feel are worth mentioning

This applications programmer (general) resume sample consists of the candidate's professional skills and impressive record of accomplishments.

Carl A. Borman
123, Mary Street
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 456 722


Looking for a challenging opportunity in a dynamic work environment, where I can practice my skills and develop user friendly, useful applications to boost the business growth of the clients and bring in good reputation and profit for the company.

Profile Summary:

  • 7 years of impressive experience in the line of developing business friendly software applications for the clients
  • Worked on and developed useful high end software systems to manage large construction projects and human resource allocation for the same
  • Worked on developing comprehensive and exhaustive applications for data mining and storage
  • Good experience in the debugging of applications. Expert at providing the clients with back end support for ensuring proper working of the applications
  • Strong skills at determining the problems and analytical ways of solving them

Work Experience:

Acoustic System Developers, Florida West Palm Beach, FL
Software Engineer

  • Worked on developing Ethernet and LAN monitoring applications for custom use by the organizations
  • Creating applications for data handling and analysis for the client company
  • Verifying and coding the application licenses and updating the DRM (Digital Rights Management) on them
  • Handled the training procedure of the clients and trained them on the use of the applications developed for their office use

Inman Software, Florida West Palm Beach, FL
Assistant Software Programmer

  • Modified and tested software applications for the clients
  • Developed and updated those applications with their upgraded versions
  • Completed the formalities for digital signatures on the software applications
  • Delivered real time interactive software development and debug tests to improve the applications

Educational Qualification:

University of Phoenix, Florida
Masters in Software Development

University of Phoenix, Florida
Bachelor of Computer Sciences


(Fill this section appropriately with either the details about any awards you received from an organization or any other professional achievements.)

This is how an applications programmer (general) resume is written and complied in an effective and well-structured manner. Use this sample to win some of the most desired employment prospects.

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