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A writer resume is written by a person who writes articles, stories, novels, poems, news, scripts, or content for websites. Some people may debate that copywriting for ads and technical writing cannot actually be considered as writing, but just equivalent to poor graffiti art which any person with a pen or keyboard could do. Writing is considered to be a very dignified task, performing which an individual can push his creative boundaries in search of something new and uncharted. But, for the sake of this article, which is now getting more and more towards a fiction writer's turf, let's also consider other kinds of writings as mentioned in the first sentence.

To become a writer, one needs to have a strong sense of grammar and dollops of creative imagination flowing in through his mind. For writing novels, stories and poems, no formal education is required. But, for journalistic writing, a degree in journalism is required.

While writing a resume, the following points need to be added.

Objective statement - If you have an objective, which everyone has for his career, then align it well with the company's objective and write a crisp and short statement regarding what you could do for the company which will add value to your contribution.

Profile summary - This is where you write all the key chronicles or details of your entire application. This marks your USP (which makes you stand apart in the crowd of other applicants) and communicates to the reader about your specialties related to the profession of writing.

Skills summary - In this section, you can state your skills regarding the kind of writing you are into and other skills such as strong grammar knowledge, fast typing skills, creative thinking, expert knowledge of a particular field, etc.

Work experience - In a reverse chronological order, state your work experience till date with various companies and the job posts that you held. While writing this section, you need to include the company name, designation, amount of time spent in the company, and the responsibilities handled by you.

Educational qualifications - In a reverse chronological order, mention about your educational background along with the names of colleges or universities you studied in and year of passing.

Achievements - The section title clearly suggests that here you need to write about your professional achievements.

References - Give the contact information of your previous employer or an employee of the potential employer.

Here is a writer resume sample for your reference.

Charles Hudson
123, West Boulevard
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 422-8711

Objective Statement:

To get a job as a writer in a leading magazine publishing house and work on featured stories of the fashion industry and films, providing quality and original articles.

Profile Summary:

  • 5 years of good experience in feature writing for various magazines
  • Also, worked as a freelance writer, covering topics ranging from culinary to films
  • Worked as a sub editor for LA Life magazine
  • Specialized in writing articles on films

Skills Summary:

  • Good English communication skills with a good grip on the language in both written and verbal terms
  • In-depth knowledge of the film industry and vast knowledge and ideas about writing articles related to fashion
  • Excellent interpersonal skills for better performance in the organization and in the field
  • Exceptional team player with exceptional skills of leadership
  • Ability to work even under the strictest of deadlines and deliver the articles on time

Work Experience:

California Magazine, CA
Film articles writer

  • Handled the article writing and editing job
  • Reported directly to the managing editor of the magazine
  • Wrote and delivered the articles within the deadlines
  • Also, received the interview feeds and research articles from other sources and team members

LA Life Magazine., LA
Sub Editor & Writer

  • Edited entertainment articles ranging from film reviews to celeb interviews
  • Wrote articles and coordinated with the fashion beat writers for timely filing of their articles
  • Coordinated with the editor-in-chief and referred important articles to him

Educational Qualification:

  • Master's Degree in Print Journalism, ABC College, LA, 2009
  • Bachelor's Degree in Arts, XYZ College, LA, 2007


(Fill out this section suitably.)


Lionel Kinsley

LA Life Magazine., LA
(123) 345-3453

This is how one writes a writer resume. You can use this format for writing a writer resume for various industries. Along with this resume, also refer the science writer resume samples.

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