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Wireless Consultant Resume

Wireless consultants advice the customers on buying wireless routers for setting up a wireless network in their houses or organizations. They must have excellent and up to date knowledge of the latest wireless terminologies and routers being released. They should be good in communication and be able to prioritize listening to the customer's demands before advising on any particular router.

The wireless technology has evolved immensely over the years and hence, it has become accessible for an average person to buy and set up a wireless network at home or an organization. Although the companies make it very easy by providing instructions along with the routers, people still prefer the support and advice to be given in person. The role of a wireless consultant is to objectively provide options to the customers, depending upon their needs and budget. He should also keep an up to date knowledge about routers having problems post sales and refrain from advising the same to future customers.

A person needs to have completed at least his high school in order to be eligible for this job. The technical aspects and terminologies are usually learned while on the job. He should make sure that the details and work experience in particular are mentioned clearly in the resume.

Below is a wireless consultant resume sample.

Dale K. Mulder
1405 Poplar Chase Lane
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: 208-344-7676

Career Objective:

To work in a reputed organization, utilizing my skills as a Wireless Consultant for the benefit of the organization and seeking professional growth at the same time.

Professional Summary:

3 years of field experience as a Wireless Consultant.

Key Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good presentation skills
  • Adept at handling written and spoken instructions and completing work before the deadlines
  • Up to date knowledge of wireless routers and hands-on experience in setting up home and office wireless networks
  • Good with staff handling
  • Proficient with computer operations and MS Office
  • Good leadership skills
  • Good at managing client relationships and maintaining them by providing excellent post sales support
  • Good in managing time

Educational Qualification:

  • High School: Saint Jordan's High School, Hailey, ID (March, 2011)

Professional Experience:

Wireless Consultant: PQN Sales Pvt. Ltd., Boise, ID
(April, 2013 till date)


  • Providing assistance to interested customers for buying wireless routers and other media
  • Getting contact forms filled by the clients for gathering information about the client requirements and specifications
  • Performing budget analysis for the clients and providing wireless router options through various budget ranges
  • Explaining the difference between cheaper and more expensive routers to the clients and objectively advising the best value for money option
  • Providing technical support and solving customer queries over the phone to help the clients facing trouble in setting up the wireless routers
  • Coordinating the tasks between different departments and helping the customers to reach appropriate departments for fulfilling their needs
  • Making sure that all the wireless network and wireless router related queries are directed towards the wireless routers department
  • Planning and coordinating the duties and tasks with the colleagues to work around in shifts and provide coverage in case of absenteeism
  • Creating daily reports and ordering new router models based on consumer demand and the latest research
  • Familiarizing the new staff with the daily work flow

Wireless Consultant (Trainee): Hebert Mall, Ponderay, ID
(April, 2011 to March, 2013)


  • Providing assistance to the seniors in advising on the latest wireless routers available
  • Researching the Internet on the existing and new ways to set up a home and office wireless router network
  • Working in the form of teams when dealing with large projects
  • Setting up and installing new wireless networks in case of client demanding setup for the same
  • Performing market research for finding the latest wireless routers being released and new features being introduced in them
  • Providing in-depth details on wireless routers to the interested customers and also providing the pros and cons of each model
  • Creating daily reports for helping the higher management to make budget and performance based decisions
  • Contacting the chief companies in case of router failures to get them fixed or replace the routers
  • Arranging monthly seminars to promote employee awareness
  • Following up with the clients for feedback and knowing whether or not they need to order some more routers


  • "Best Wireless Consultant Award" - Awarded by the sales manager for the month of August, 2013 for providing excellent performance on the sales floor
  • "Best Wireless Consultant Trainee Award" - Awarded by the sales manager for good performance throughout the training program


Name: Lois D. Klein
Designation: Sales Manager
Organization: PQN Sales Pvt. Ltd. (Wireless Routers Department), 1910 University Dr Ste 1320, Boise, ID
Phone: 864-662-6300

Name: Rocky S. Menzel
Designation: Sales Manager
Organization: Hebert Mall, Wireless Routers Department, 300 Bonner Mall Way Ste 81, Ponderay, ID
Phone: 774-217-5526

Thanks to the technological advancements; people want to set up wireless networks in their homes and offices, so that they can share the connection and other data between various computers, tablets, and smart phones. This means that there is a good demand for wireless consultants in the market. A person has to make sure that he is well dressed and have done his homework before appearing for the interview. Changes can be made as required to the above wireless consultant resume example.

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