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VP Corporate Communication Resume

Vice presidents of the corporate communication department always have the responsibility of monitoring and controlling all the communication done in an organization. It may be internal or related to external affairs. Communication being the main part of the work flow of any organization, it is vital that the VP of corporate communication makes sure that the information being released is genuine. The communication department gathers and drafts the data and sends it for approval to the VP.

The VP has to scrutinize each and every article being published, as wrong information communicated could result in huge losses for the company. Communication is made internally within the departments, share holders, and board of directors and externally via official web releases and press conferences. The VP must be excellent with interpersonal skills and communication abilities. Good leadership quality helps immensely for this job position.

A person needs to have completed a master's degree in mass communication and should have at least 15 years of work experience in the field. One has to make sure that his profile information is mentioned clearly in the resume.

The below VP - corporate communication resume sample shows the same.

Richard H. Chesson
2933 Nuzum Court
Buffalo, NY 14214
Phone: 716-505-5447

Career Objective:

To work in a reputed organization as a VP - Corporate Communication, using my natural talent and skills that I have learned over the years operating in the field for the benefit of the organization and for achieving a better professional position.

Professional Summary:

15 years of field experience.

Key Skills:

  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Great analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good with staff handling and managing large groups of people
  • Proficient with computer operations and excellent knowledge of MS Office
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Good eye for detail and excellent at maintaining high quality standards
  • Ability to find loop holes in the current process and make changes to improve productivity and quality
  • Brilliant motivational skills for team building and team bonding
  • Excellent time management skills

Educational Qualification:

  • Master's Degree in Mass Communication: APEL College of Mass Communication, New York, NY (April, 1997 - April, 1999)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication: APEL College of Mass Communication, New York, NY (April, 1994 - March, 1997)
  • High School: New York High School, New York, NY (March, 1994)

Professional Experience:

VP Corporate Communication: ABC Softwares Pvt. Ltd., New York, NY

(April, 2007 till date)


  • Monitoring and overseeing the activities in the communications department
  • Handling the delegation of tasks to various leaders and representatives from different departments to gather and report data and report back for analysis purpose
  • Working closely with the board of directors to ensure that all the communication is made as intended, internally and externally
  • Conducting press conferences on behalf of the organization for the latest updates about the company, regarding share prices and new products to be launched
  • Supervising a team of 5 managers
  • Planning and coordinating the duties of the managers according to the schedule
  • Creating the schedule and planning out a plan of action according to the plan set by the board of directors and chief executive officer
  • Analyzing daily reports for analysis and judging the performance of the employees
  • Overseeing the training sessions of new employees about the daily work flow and educating them about the organization policies

VP Corporate Communication: The Great White Technologies Pvt. Ltd., New York, NY
(May, 1999 to March, 2007)


  • Overseeing the communication department, making sure that all the departments are in sync and there is a proper communication maintained internally and externally
  • Setting up an international video conference by delegating it to engineers and other personnel well in advance before the set conferences and meetings as per the schedule
  • Researching the market for the latest technologies and inventions being made in the communication business
  • Managing contracts from clients and maintaining effective relationships for the same
  • Hiring staff and other communication professionals in case of attrition
  • Overseeing the recruitment process and conducting the final round of interview
  • Providing monthly feedback on the performance of employees and other staff
  • Conducting workshops on time saving techniques and developing of presentation skills
  • Arranging and managing monthly seminars to promote employee awareness and increase the knowledge of the employees about the latest trends in the industry
  • Negotiating deals with the third parties for the latest communication equipment and technology needed by the organization
  • Maintaining excellent communication flow between all the departments for optimum productivity


  • "Best VP of Corporate Communication Award" - Awarded by the staff for the month of August, 2013
  • "Best Vice President of Corporate Communication Award" - Awarded by the board of directors for excellent and exceptional performance given throughout the tenure


Name: Warren S. Hinton
Designation: Chief Executive Officer
Organization: ABC Softwares Pvt. Ltd., 291 Broadway Rm 200, New York, NY
Phone: 317-337-9346

Name: Theresa D. Nelson
Designation: Senior Vice President
Organization: The Great White Technologies Pvt. Ltd., 5 Washington N Sq., New York, NY
Phone: 480-333-1951

The above VP - corporate communication resume example shows how one should draft his own resume while applying for this position. The candidate should also carry all the latest documentation at the time of interview, as most employers ask for document backup for authentication purposes.

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