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Television Production Engineer Resume

Here, you will come to know about how one should write a television production engineer resume. The job of a television production engineer is to manage all the technical equipment present on the set of a show. One has to be experienced and knowledgeable about the technical aspects involved in the operations and usage of the equipment that are used at the sets, ranging from camera, lighting, sound recording, mixing equipment, etc. No production or shoot can take place without such technical professionals around. They are as important in the television and entertainment industry as the creative people such as scriptwriters, directors, art directors, and others.

Following are a few points that need to be included while writing a resume.

Objective statement - Everyone needs an objective in life. While writing a resume, you need to open the document with this section. Here, you need to write an objective statement that is in line with the company's objectives and missions. This should be short, crisp, and to the point. Ensure that you write it necessarily in simple English.

Profile summary - This is the second section of a resume which carries some of the important points of the applicant's work history.

Skills summary - This part of your application should contain short points about the skills that you have gathered while working in the industry till date. Seeing these skills, the recruiter decides whether to hire you or ignore your application. You should state you skills in brief bullet points that are not more than 6-7 points.

Work experience - This section contains the details of your work experience till date. In a reverse chronological order, you need to write the company's name, designation held by you, and amount of time spent there. These are followed by some brief points about your work there.

Educational qualifications - In this part of the resume, you need to mention all your educational qualifications including the completed or pursuing college courses and diplomas.

Achievements - Impress the recruiter with this part. Mention here all your professional achievements, including awards and other distinguished, noteworthy achievements.

References - One can use this section to authenticate his claims in the resume. By giving the name and contact of a person with whom the recruiter can talk to about you, you can further substantiate your resume application.

Here is a television production engineer resume sample for your reference.

Charlie Duncan
123, South St.
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 422-0223

Objective Statement:

To get a job in the technical department of a television production house and use my skills to work efficiently on the sets.

Profile Summary:

  • 6 years of good experience in the television industry
  • Excellent production engineer with wide array of skills in sound mixing, lighting, camera assistance, and other studio control, etc.
  • Expert in working in coordination with the entire crew and the director
  • Managed 105 shoots till date with large crews and the latest equipment at hand to handle
  • Ability to independently set up the sound mixers, jimmy jibs, and other camera rigs before the shoot

Skills Summary:

  • Excellent level of interpersonal communication, which is useful when working with a large crew
  • Good communication skills with excellent vocabulary and expertise in both spoken and written English
  • Excellent managerial skills coupled with an extensive knowledge of the required equipment
  • Working knowledge of jimmy jibs, editing consoles such as Avid, various tape formats, camera exposures, lenses, filters, mics (internal and external), different types of reflectors used, focus techniques, and much more

Work Experience:

ABC Entertainment, CA
Production Engineer

  • Handled all the technical aspects of the shoot while working in a team of 4 technicians
  • Handled the lighting and camera division of the shoot
  • Got to the shoot location well in advance and made the equipment ready for the shoot
  • Reported to the executive producers on the sets and informed them about the specific requirements concerning production

NVB Productions, CA
Assistant Production Engineer

  • Specialized in online editing arrangements such as camera setup and editing room setup
  • Assisted the editor in filling in the log sheets and finding the required footage on tapes and aligning them in the work bay
  • Handled sound on the floors including boom mics, lapels, etc., and checked sound levels on L-R

Educational Qualification:

  • Diploma Course in Filmmaking, Hidleton Institute of Film making, CA (2008)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Arts, XYZ College, CA (2006)


  • Learned the basics of video editing while being on the job and became able enough to prepare the rough cuts of the shoot
  • Handled the sound setup on the sets independently


(Add suitable references here including the person's name, designation, company, and contact information.)

This is how one writes a television production engineer resume. Before writing a resume, you should prepare your cover letter. For reference, you can see the television production resume cover letter samples.

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