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Television Producer Resume

A television producer resume is written to apply for one of the top executive positions in a television network or production house, where the job of the applicant would be to develop a concept, appoint a team to make it, get the ideas and budget approved from the top brass of the production house, and see to it that everything that is required for ensuring a smooth production is made available on time. A television producer works closely with the director of the show and reserves the authority over all the important decisions with regards to the making and story progression.

The duties of the producer vary in some cases from person to person. Some producers like to be involved in all the processes as mentioned above while others are just interested in handling the financial aspect of the production, managing and deciding budgetary limits, finding sponsors and financiers, etc.

Following is a television producer resume format.

Mathew Watson
23-Mabre Street,
Phoenix, AZ-85001
(123) 411-0202

Objective Statement:

To join a competent and dynamic production network with a global reach in the television industry and provide my 20 years of expertise in the field to produce new and effective shows with greater mass appeal and innovative concepts.

Profile Summary:

  • Successful track record of 20 years in the US TV Production industry, producing over 4,000 hours of series and sitcoms
  • Winner of 15 Emmy and 10 Golden Globe awards, including many international awards in the categories of "best producer", "executive producer", and "creator"
  • Represented the CVS Broadcast Network in the American-Japanese collaboration in TV content production in both the countries and shared the distribution rights
  • Proficient in the roles of producer, executive producer, and financier
  • Headed my personal production house, Utopia Productions, since 2013 with 3 sitcoms and 2 drama series currently under production

Skills Summary:

  • Highly efficient in negotiating with prospective financiers, partners, and marketers
  • Excellent marketing and presentation abilities
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Likes to take initiative in coming up with new ideas and solving production problems
  • Ability to work closely with scriptwriters and creator of the show and contribute suggestions to the scripting department

Work Experience:

NBC Television Stations Division, NY

  • Produced many series, sitcoms, and documentaries
  • Produced 12 TV movies till date with NBC
  • Worked with the creators and scriptwriters and developed the scripts for various episodes
  • Worked with the script writers and assisted them in writing in accordance with the decided upon ideas and flow
  • Won 4 Emmy and 5 Golden Globe awards after joining NBC
  • Worked on the importance of clear communication between the production team, director, and script writers
  • Ensured that everything is done within the allotted budget
  • Considered requests for more budgets on case to case basis

NHK Television Network, Tokyo, Japan
Producer/ Joint Producer

  • Posted at NHK headquarters to oversee the collaboration progress between NBC and NHK and look into the joint production of the sitcoms
  • Took the responsibility of arranging for the telecasts of NBC Productions on NHK channels
  • Bought and negotiated telecast rights from NHK for their shows on NBC
  • Functioned as an advisor on the joint deal between NHK and NBC

Blue Line Productions, CA
Ad Producer

  • Won the "Best Cola Ad Award" at 29th California Television Commercial Awards
  • Produced over 100 commercials for various clients, ranging from FMCGs to automobiles to beverages such as Coke and Pepsi
  • Approved concepts and monitored the storyboarding activity
  • Ensured timely pitching of the ideas to the clients
  • Arranged for crews and designated responsibilities to each one of them

Educational Qualifications:

  • Audio-Visual Production Course from New York College of TV and Film Production, NY (1994)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Arts from Department of Arts, New York University, NY (1992)


(Mention about your awards and nominations that you have received in this field till date.)

So, this is the required format for writing a television producer resume in an effective way. There are good producers and average producers at the same time; a good producer is the one who takes care of all the aspects of the show, including the well-being of the talents. While taking care of the financial part, he should not ignore the production quality or the rightful payment that the talents deserve.

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