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Television Director Resume

A television director resume is written by a person who has skills of managing and directing actors and other staff on a set. His duties vary depending on the type of telecast, whether it is a prerecorded or live telecast. But, irrespective of the kind of telecast, a director, in general, is responsible for directing the cinematographer on the placing of video cameras, kind of lighting required for a particular shot, and type of art set required and giving cues to the actors including instructions such as "action" (for the camera to start rolling) and "cut" (for the camera to stop recording).

The one main point of distinction between a film director and television director is that while in films, a director has a control over all the aspects of the film for the entire duration of the project, in the television industry, all the creative control lies with the producer of the show where the directors keep changing as they direct a few episodes for a short period of time.

When writing a television director resume, one needs to mention all the episodes of all the shows that he has directed till date along with any other related work done in the industry. Remember, the entire focus of the resume should be on showcasing your diverse sets of skills, which may not necessarily stick to only direction, but could also encompass skills in editing, producing, and script writing.

However, it all depends on the kind of job you are applying for. If it is the job of direction then you should keep the direction related details primary and the rest of them secondary. In doing so, you will have two advantages – one, the recruiter gets to know about your other skills too; second, the recruiter may also call upon you in future for using your secondary skills on a project. So this way, you get more leverage and more than one factor to rely on for getting a job.

Following is a television director resume format for you to refer before writing your own resume.

Dorothy Grey
81-Malpaso Street,
Phoenix, AZ-85001
(123) 412-9332

Objective Statement:

To work with a leading production house and direct its shows for the leading television networks of the industry, using this opportunity to enhance further my overall creative skills.

Profile Summary:

  • Ten years of expansive exposure to the television industry
  • A director and three-time “Emmy Award” winner for prime time drama and comedy
  • Two-time nominee and winner of “Best Writer Award” for a drama series
  • Completed 144 episodes as some of the best television show episodes to my credit as a director
  • Also, worked as a script writer for 68 of those episodes
  • Creator of ‘Two and a Half Women’ series on CVS Television, CA
  • Good experience of directing live telecast feeds
  • Comfortable in both indoor and outdoor shoots

Skills Summary:

  • Multiple skills in direction, screenplay writing, and editing
  • Excellent management skills for managing the crew and cast members
  • Patient with the talent and practice of explaining the members about certain procedures with the help of personal experience
  • Clarity of vision and ability to vividly explain to the crew what needs to be made available on a set in terms of lighting, art, and sound

Work Experience:

Two and a half Women
CVS Television
Program Creator

  • Working with script writers and assisting them in writing in accordance with the ideas and flow
  • Working closely with the producers to maintain the show at the required TRP
  • Conducting regular meetings with the study group to gauge their reactions to the rough cuts and thus take their suggestions into consideration
  • Communicating to the producers the exact kind of set erection and other props required on the set
  • Being in perfect sync with the allotted budget and communicating in advance about any discrepancies

Complete Filmography (attach this as a separate letter with your resume; the format for it would be as follows)

  • The Weekend (2005) (Director/Story)
  • The Transformation (2005) (Director)
  • The Disintegration (2005) (Director)
  • The Fast Solution (2005) (Director/Story)
  • The Contract (2004) (Director)

Educational Qualifications:

  • Film Direction Course from New York College of TV and Film Production, NY (2004)
  • Bachelor of Arts from Department of Arts, New York University, NY (2002)


(Mention the awards and nominations or any significant work done in the industry until now.)


(If you are new on the block, providing a reference is a must to get any job. These references should be from other established directors and producers.)

So, this is the required format for writing a television director resume. Along with this sample, refer the director of subsidiary rights resume samples. You can also follow a few tips of television news director resume cover letter creation while structuring your cover letter.

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