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Radio Program Director Resume

A radio program director resume is written by an experienced person who has a considerable work experience in the radio industry and can independently handle direction responsibilities for radio programs. The main duties of such a person are to plan a radio show (it could be a chat show, musical countdown show, celebrity interview, humor show, or other kind of show), approve the scripts for the same, schedule the show according to the available time slots, keep the radio jockey in loop, and brief him about all the details of the program. Apart from this, he is also required to know about all the commercial slots in between the programs and possess complete knowledge of the ads that are going to be featured in the program.

In terms of skills, a radio program director needs to have excellent communication abilities, as communication is his business. He also needs to be a good team leader, as he has to manage his program staff and keep them motivated throughout. He should have thorough knowledge of radio programing and scheduling; an educational background in radio production or media can come in handy here.

Following are the points that need to be kept in mind while writing any resume:

Write an error-free resume - When writing a resume, all efforts should be made towards avoiding any mistake throughout the resume. The presence of a single mistake in it can be embarrassing to you and harmful for your impression on the reader's mind. As this is an official document, it needs to be proofread before sending it to the recruiter.

Give clear headings to your resume body - It is a nice idea to divide your entire resume into separate headings and sections. This will help in clearly categorizing the information according to its nature. Suppose, if you are writing about your professional achievements, mention it under the heading - 'achievements'.

Keep it simple - It is a nice idea to keep the language and tone of the resume as simple as possible. Avoid using hard words. One can use industry related terminology. This will give the recruiter a positive impression of your knowledge about the industry.

Keep it short - A shorter, yet comprehensive, resume is what any reader looks for. Such a resume makes for crisp, to the point detailing and thus, it becomes easier for the reader to read it in quick time.

Following is a radio program director resume sample for your reference.

Jonathan Clark
123, Lawn St.
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 456-6734

Objective Statement:

To take up the job of program director in a leading radio station and use my abilities and skills to come up with good programs and thus, contribute towards receiving greater listenership for the radio station.

Profile Summary:

  • 6 years of considerable experience in the radio industry
  • Worked at various positions within a radio station setup
  • Complete knowledge of radio programming and competitive scheduling
  • Suitable educational background for this kind of senior position
  • Worked with leading radio stations such as Radio California and Rainbow Radio

Skills Summary:

  • Excellent communication skills in English language with competitive verbal and written communication abilities
  • Great experience as a radio program scriptwriter
  • Excellent managerial skills for handling employees and keeping them motivated towards the cause
  • Skills in planning and executing scripts and programming strategies

Work Experience:

Radio California, CA
Programing Executive

  • Prepared schedules for the programs and analyzed other radio station's programing schedules, so as to come up with competitive schedules
  • Sold ad slots to advertisers and helped in generating revenue
  • Kept a check on the program scripts and made changes to them, when necessary, in accordance with the program director's instructions
  • Prepared song selection lists

Rainbow Radio, CA
Radio Announcer

  • Interviewed guests according to the question list provided by the scriptwriter
  • Hosted various chat shows and attended to the listeners' calls
  • Played songs on request and also executed in-program advertising of the sponsors

Educational Qualification:

  • Master's Degree in Media and Communications, University of California, CA, 2008
  • Bachelor's Degree in Science, University of California, CA, 2006


(Fill out this section suitably with a list of your professional achievements.)


J. Smiley
Program Director,

Radio California, CA
(123) 345-2872

This is how one writes a radio program director resume. Prepare yourself to win some of the best job opportunities by composing an unavoidable resume with the help of the sample provided here.

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