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Radio Announcer Resume

A radio announcer resume is written with utmost professionalism and careful approach. The idea is to impress the reader enough, so that he selects you for the next round of interview session. This is the only aim with which any resume is written; this is what an applicant desires the outcome to be.

The work of a radio announcer revolves around communicating with the listeners. He speaks on various entertaining topics such as films, tells jokes, takes interviews of film personalities and other important people, and invites the listeners to call the radio station, answer some simple questions, and win prizes. The announcer basically interacts with the audience, keeping them entertained.

In order to become a good radio announcer, you need to have a clear speech, good communication skills, pleasant and charming personality, and strong ability to make people laugh (in this case, the listeners). No specific educational qualification is required here.

While writing a resume, the following points should be added:

Objective statement - This opens up the resume application with a strong sentence, confirming your career objective to the recruiter. This particular statement has to be in line with the company's own objectives. This is why, it is recommended for you to go through the company's website before writing your resume.

Profile summary - This is the section which is the most comprehensive and very important part of the resume. It contains the important points of the resume application, covering your USP and other areas of specialty.

Skills summary - This is where you write about all your important and relevant skills that you have acquired or learned along the way and which could be beneficial to the company's functioning. Use bullet points in this section.

Work experience - This part contains your work history, including the company names and designations held by you along with the amount of time spent in each company. Add here the responsibilities handled by you in each company. All this should be written in a reverse chronological order.

Educational qualifications - This, too, written in reverse chronological order is a section where you mention your qualifications with the college name, course name, and year of passing.

Achievements - Impressing your reader is made simpler by this section. Here, you can add your important professional achievements point-by-point and show the recruiter that you are worth the job.

References - Although not necessary, but if you want to add or the company asks you to provide references in the resume, you can put the name, designation, and contact of a professional individual whom the recruiter can contact for reference.

Here is a radio announcer resume sample for your reference.

Charles Huston
123, North Boulevard
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 422-8723

Objective Statement:

To get a job as a radio announcer in a leading radio station and work towards entertaining the listeners with talk shows and songs all the way along, keeping the focus only on boosting the radio station's listenership.

Profile Summary:

  • 5 years of good experience in the radio industry, working as a radio jockey
  • A pleasing personality with an eye for the funny bone
  • Excellent at making the listeners laugh and taking their calls and conversing with them
  • Expert in creating jokes and conducting chat programs
  • Worked with professional script writers to prepare scripts for different shows

Skills Summary:

  • Good communication skills in the English language, both written and verbal
  • Clarity of thought and ability to think about punch lines on the spot
  • Excellent sense of humor
  • Good skills in writing own personal scripts, when given an opportunity
  • Complete knowledge of the recording room console

Work Experience:

California Radio 97.2 FM, CA
Radio Announcer

  • Handled the night slot, hosting the countdown show
  • Memorized scripts, talked to the listeners, and informed them about various contests and events occurring in the city
  • Invited winners to the station and spoke to them live on the radio
  • Read news excerpts from the latest and important breaking news

Radio Fun City 92.7 FM, CA
Radio Announcer

  • Interviewed guests and celebrities for the radio shows
  • Hosted 3 shows throughout the day – one being on comedy chat and jokes, second related to musical countdown, and the third being a brief news segment

Educational Qualification:

Bachelor's Degree in Arts, BAC College, CA in the year 2009


(Fill out this section suitably with your achievements and awards.)


Hank Lobby
Program Producer,

Radio Fun City 92.7 FM, CA
(123) 345-6778

This is how one writes a radio announcer resume. Thoroughly read the illustration provided here and inculcate some great skills of writing a professional resume.

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