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Publicist Resume

Publicist resume is written by a professional working in the PR industry, who may be working for a client from the film industry or business world. The client could be an individual for whom the publicist is working or a product or brand for which he is executing the promotional planning. His job is to keep the media in loop and keep them happy by providing them with the inside scoops and all the latest and fresh news related to their celebrity or corporate clients. The main aim is to create positive hype around the subject of attention through such activities.

What is necessary for a publicist in this kind of work is to have positive and mutually benefiting relations with the newspapers, reporters, television news networks, editors, and editors-in-chief. A publicist can further strengthen this relation by giving or arranging for them some exclusive news bites.

While writing a publicist resume, include the following points:

Objective statement - Write a crisp, to the point objective statement with elements of integrity and dedication towards the cause. This should be very impressive for the reader, client, or PR agency. The statement should be the start of your resume.

Profile summary - Write all the important points of your professional career under this section. This section is to be used to communicate your USP to the reader in clear terms. It is a short summary of points that should grow the reader's interest towards your resume application.

Skills summary - This is a cumulative account of all your professional skills that you could put to task again and again for obtaining the desired results through publicity for your clients. This section will further add value to your resume.

Work experience - In a reverse chronological order, you need to state here your past PR projects and related work in the field. Along with this, mention the company or client's name along with your exact roles and duties there.

Educational qualifications - This will come handy when the reader wants to know about your educational background. This section, just as the 'work experience' section, needs to be written in reverse chronological order, starting from the latest job holding to the older ones.

Achievements - This is the section where you exclusively mention all your achievements in this field of work, be it an award, recognition, or letter of appreciation.

References - You can mention here the names and contacts of such people from your professional circles who could vouch for you, if the recruiter asks for them.

Here is a publicist resume sample for your reference.

Hank Jordan
123, Lionel Boulevard
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 422-8782

Objective Statement:

To get a job as a publicist in a leading PR agency and use my excellent sets of skills and knowledge for the benefit of my clients, wherein my role will be to build positive media attention and publicity for the clients.

Profile Summary:

  • 8 years of good experience in the field of public relations
  • Worked for a diverse set of clients ranging from film celebrities to corporate personalities and assisted in corporate image building
  • Continuous efforts towards generating positive hype around the celebrities, especially at the time of their films' releases
  • Well-connected across various television news networks with personal contacts with many big-vigs of these news networks
  • Special stress on PR events and parties
  • Motivated towards performing to the best of my capabilities

Skills Summary:

  • Excellent communication skills in English – written and verbal
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills, thus enabling to work smoothly and use all the contacts towards the benefit of the clients
  • Clarity of thought and good planning skills
  • Ability to look and identify the right opportunities for publicity campaigns and receiving the target audience

Work Experience:

ABC Public Relations, New York, NY

  • Worked for various high profile clients such as Mr. Kinsey and Mr. Willis as their official publicist
  • Guided them through various PR activities
  • Maintained a 24x7 contact with them for all the necessary PR activities
  • Gave specific media houses the inside scoops and saw them converting them into news segments

Vikings Communications, NY
Public Relations Executive

  • Managed various big corporate accounts such as JP Morgan, McDonald's, etc.
  • Managed a staff of 15 executives to carry out the day-to-day PR activities for the corporate clients
  • Worked on developing various PR strategies for the clients

Educational Qualification:

  • Master's Degree in Business Administration (specialization in PR), XYZ College of Management, CA, Batch of 2006
  • Bachelor's Degree in Arts, ABC College of Fine Arts, CA, Batch of 2004


(Mention all your suitable achievements here, including awards, recognition letters, etc.)

This is how a publicist resume is written in a proper format. Consider the format and structure followed here and make your resume a winning one.

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