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Public Relation (Special Events) Resume

Public relations (special events) resume is written by a person of work interest in public relations functions, who has some experience in the field of organizing special events for a company or client or who is a freshman and has a backing of similar kind of related academic education which may, otherwise, be of small practical importance when it comes to applying oneself in the real situation among real and tricky people.

The job of a person with such interest is to organize special PR events for the client company's target audience and also attract many potential buyers in the market. The idea is to capture a larger share of the very competitive market by any which way possible, giving out free goodies, inviting people to music concerts, sponsoring rock events, etc. The end motive is to earn as much as possible by utilizing these special events as stars and the audience to such events as cash cows.

These special events are just to persuade the people to buy the company products and/or services.

While you write such a resume, there are a few things that are necessary to be kept in mind.

Use distinct sections for distinct information - When you give out a huge amount of information in a resume, it is considered to be a good practice to efficiently divide all the information into separate, distinct section headings. This will give clarity to the entire structure of your resume and also make it easy for the recruiter to read and comprehend.

Emphasize on your unique selling proposition or specialty - It is important to stay ahead in the race and distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd. Only then will you get the attention of the recruiter. Only on analyzing your specialty, which if beneficial to the job at hand, will the recruiter sign you up for the task.

Mind the length - It is important that you include only those things in the resume which are relevant to the job at hand. While cutting down on the insignificant information, you can reduce the length of the resume, which is a good thing to have. Only that kind of information should remain in the resume which is of some significance to the job at hand.

Following is a public relations (special events) resume sample for your reference.

Johnson Kline
25- Northern Street
Bowling Green, KY 42104
(270) 232-4544

Career Objective:

Seeking a special events public relations job in a dynamic and challenging work environment in a good company, where I can put to use my skills and competencies to optimum level and bring about profitable results for the company.

Profile Summary:

  • 6 years of well-learned experience in the field of special events organizing and PR activities
  • Continuous efforts in the direction of developing the right strategies for the right PR activities
  • Stress on maintaining good relations with the media houses for PR events and promotions
  • Worked with ABC Event Organizing Company
  • Motivated towards performing at first class level

Skill Summary:

  • Knowledge of the industry and ability to conduct innovative promotional activities
  • A holistic view of the competitive market and ability to design PR activities accordingly in order to reach out to a larger audience
  • Good time management skills, enabling to meet all the deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills to reach out to various people
  • Excellent management skills, which enable to successfully lead teams of professionals

Professional Experience:

ABC Event Organizing Company, New York, NY
Public Relations Head

  • Headed a team of 12 personnel as subordinates in the PR division
  • Worked for various multinational clients, organizing various levels and scales of PR activities for their products and services, thus facilitating their sales
  • Developed innovative strategies for effective public relation operations throughout all mediums of the media industry
  • Developed potential clients into actual clients, thus increasing the business of the company
  • Evaluated the projects and their needs and then, worked on them suitably
  • Always gave market research the top priority for basing the further PR strategies on the results

BCC Communications, NY
Public Relations Assistant Manager (2008-2011)

  • Assisted the PR manager in his roles and duties and ensured smooth operations
  • Worked on various market research projects and PR events planning processes
  • Specialized in corporate event planning with the aim to improve the company's market standing

Educational Qualification:

  • Master of Business Administration (specialization in PR), MNB College of Management, NY, Batch of 2008
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, MNB College of Management, NY, Batch of 2006


(Mention your important achievements in the field of PR events organizing. Quantify your claims in terms of figures, if possible.)

This is how a public relations (special events) resume is written according to the company standards. Carefully read the sample given here and develop effective resume writing techniques.

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