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Proofreader Resume

Proofreader resume is written by a person who has an excellent sense of communication and is very good in the English language. This job requires him to proofread all the textual content that his team or organization produces. The process requires him to look at the typeset and compare it with the original text to determine if the typeset is exactly matching with the original content. Any error or any difference in it is accurately marked by him in the typesets and returned back to the writers for them to correct those differences and make the typesets exactly as the originally written content.

Another way of performing this process is by involving two proofreaders where one reads from the original text and the other compares, at the same time, the typed text with what is being read.

The resume of a proofreader should be well-written without a single trace of any mistake. Following are a few tips to help you write an error-free resume.

Use clear, separate headings - For instilling clarity of thought and clarity of flow in your resume, it is important that you divide the entire resume into separate sections and sub-sections. This will help in segregating the information and manage it well. Also, it becomes more reader friendly, as the reader can quickly find the desired information in your resume by looking at the section headings.

Make your USP clear - What is that one strong point of yours that makes you stand out from the crowd of other proofreaders? It is for you to figure it out and write it in an articulate manner. In your resume, through the use of the profile summary section, you can state your USP in the most impressionable manner while supporting it with any of your profession related instances of work.

Check and recheck after writing - Since you are writing a proofreader resume, it is absolutely important that you don't commit any kind of mistake in the copy of your own resume. You have to avoid such a situation at any cost. For this, you have to proofread it at least twice before sending it out in the job market. For better results, you could also forward your resume to another person to check for any mistakes - grammatical or otherwise.

Following is an editor resume sample for your reference.

Sharon Ryder
22- Northern Street
Bowling Green, KY 42104
(270) 244-0234


To obtain the post of proofreader in a leading company and successfully carry out my responsibilities with utmost competitiveness, thus giving out immaculate, error-free results.

Profile Summary:

  • 3 years of industry experience as a professional proofreader
  • 2 years of professional experience as a full-time copywriter
  • Well-educated with a degree in MA English from University of New York
  • Proven efficiency in IT and advertisement related proofreading and an award in the 'Most Efficient Proofreader' category
  • Strong stress on the quality of content and strictest measures of proofreading

Skills Summary:

  • Excellent in English communication, both written and verbal
  • High level of attention to detail along with excellent concentrating ability on the work
  • Highly motivated and dedicated towards the work
  • No problem in coping up with the repetitive change in the nature of a job or project

Work Experience:

(2011- Present)

  • Headed a team of 8 copywriters and proofread their articles before giving a nod for their publishing
  • Recipient of an award in the 'Most Efficient Proofreader' category, 2013
  • Dealt with articles related to the IT field, advertisement copy, and office journals
  • Attended weekly meetings with senior editors and account managers and gave all the updates related to work
  • Trained new proofreaders and copywriters, which included conducting company induction program and work related training on the standards regarding article creation and copywriting and the proofreading process

XYZ Corp., NY
Copy Writer

  • Advertisement copywriting and copy editing
  • Member of the team of process improvement and standardization
  • Ideation and creation of ad campaigns

Education Qualification:

  • MA in English from University of New York, NY, 2009
  • BA in English from University of New York, NY, 2007


(Fill this section accordingly with your professional achievements in the field of proofreading.)

This is how a proofreader resume is written and compiled. Consider the sample given above and receive some significant tips for writing a compelling resume.

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