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Journalist Resume

A journalist resume, also known as reporter resume, is written by a professional who has an educational degree in the field of journalism and is trained in the working principles and techniques of gathering news and broadcasting it for the audience. A journalist's job is to go into the field, make phone calls, take interviews, gather facts, research on topics, write articles, columns, etc., and report such news items on television and radio for the knowledge of people (TV audience, radio listeners, and newspaper readers). This entire process of gathering and delivering information is called reporting. The journalists may be assigned specific news stories based on their job profiles.

The term “journalism” is very broad and comprises of different posts such as editor, columnist, editor-in-chief, editorial writer, citizen journalist, etc.

A journalist resume will have the following chronological order of section headings.

Objective statement - This is the opening section of the resume in which you need to state, with the help of a crisp and to-the-point sentence, how you can help the company in beneficial ways to improve its profits and gain more success. You need to display your level of motivation and the amount of dedication you are ready to put into the applied job.

Profile summary - This section helps you to collate all the key points of your profile under one section, thus helping you to impress the recruiter in the beginning of the resume itself. In this section, you also need to state your USP, which is your unique selling point, in the market, explaining the reader why he should choose you over all the other applicants.

Skills summary - This collates all the professional skills that you have developed in the course of your professional experience until now. Use of bullet points is preferred in this section particularly.

Work experience - Here, you need to state the details regarding your work experience till date. You need to include under separate sub-headings the names of your previous companies and respective designations you held there along with the time period spent there. You need to mention all these details in a reverse chronological order, starting from the latest experience details to the previous ones. Always check that the spellings and names of the companies are correct and if you are mentioning a phone number, make sure that it is correct and update it if need be.

Educational qualifications - This section also needs to be written in a reverse chronological order.

Achievements - Mention here the relevant professional achievements of your career.

Charlie Fantom
123, Southern Boulevard
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 422-0234

Objective Statement:

To secure the position of broadcast journalist with a leading newspaper agency and prove my expertise in reporting work by bringing in quality work and high level of work ethics to the desk.

Profile Summary:

  • 7 years of experience in broadcast journalism with some of the well-known names in industry
  • Conducted interviews of several well-known personalities on national television broadcasts
  • Holds many international assignments to personal credit such as Iraq War coverage
  • Held the responsibility of scripting the interviewing and producing shows
  • Functioned as a producer of various live broadcasts

Skill Summary:

  • In and out knowledge of online production and online editing
  • Fast to react in the on-the-spot decision making situations
  • In-depth knowledge of various interview strategies, thanks to my extensive experience of interviewing
  • Excellent communication skills and very exceptional interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to work even under the most demanding situations and meet deadlines and quality standards

Work Experience:

CNC News Channel, California
Producer and Reporter

  • Wrote scripts and sentences on teleprompter for the interviewer's reference
  • Handled the production of 'XYZ', a late night talk show, on a popular channel
  • Handled interview sessions with guest celebrities, politicians, social workers, and reformists
  • Handled the reporting work for accumulating and delivering the Middle East news, covering live events as well as interviewing the people there

ACC News Networking

  • Handled the briefs, researched topics, scheduled interviews, and filed stories
  • Handled the task of developing show concepts while working closely with the producers in order to learn about production work
  • Kept the editors in loop for all the latest assignment developments

Educational Summary:

  • Master's Degree in Broadcast Journalism, University of California, California, 2007
  • Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, University of California, California, 2005


(Mention a few professional achievements of yours in this section.)

This is one of the effective ways of writing a journalist resume. Review the sample portrayed above and help yourself in drafting a successful resume.

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