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Events Planner Resume

An events planner resume is written by a person who specializes in organizing and managing events. These events may vary in their scale, scope, and type. Basically, organizing an event involves a lot of work which could be broadly categorized under administrative, logistic, budgeting, and event theme related work. When looked at it more closely, the work of an events planner includes:

  • Deciding and booking a venue for the event
  • Working out suitable dates for the parties involved in the event. This duty assumes more importance when the event is rather of a small nature as a business meet
  • Acquiring all the needed permits from the authorities, so that the event gets going smoothly
  • Arranging for transportation of all the guests arriving for the event
  • Deciding upon the theme of the event (in case of social events) and informing the same to the guests beforehand
  • Arranging for all the needed equipment such as loudspeakers. Also, taking care of the furniture and crockery
  • Taking care of the entire budget of the event

While writing a resume for this post, one needs to take care of the following points:

Avoid any kind of mistakes in the resume - At no cost should there occur a single mistake or spelling or factual error in your resume. The resume is your first point of introduction to the company and if it goes wrong in any way, it will spoil your reputation and thus, may prove not that good for your own interest.

Avoid writing long sentences and long resume - One needs to use bullet points under separate headings and subheadings in the resume. These bullet points should be short and crisp. Every detail in the resume needs to be to the point. You must avoid making a long resume by taking care of your sentences.

Ensure correct names and contact information - While naming the previous companies or employers for whom you have worked, it is essential to make sure that all their names are spelled precisely. Any contact information including phone numbers, emails, zip codes, etc., which you add in your document should also be exactly right. In addition to all this, also mention the designations correctly.

Use separate and clear headings - Using headings for separate sections will prove beneficial for your resume, as it will enable the reader to scan through and reach precisely to the information that he is specifically looking for in the resumes of all the applicants. This will also enable him to take a decision as fast as possible.

Following is an events planner resume for your reference.

Hank Normandy
123, Lincoln Boulevard
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 421-0987

Objective Statement:

To dedicatedly work towards organizing events that are both satisfying to the tastes of the guests and well-organized in all ways, thus earning the trust of the clients.

Profile Summary:

  • 5 years of good experience in the field of event planning
  • Earned extensive experience in this field, working for diverse clients on their various kinds of events, ranging from corporate events to weddings
  • Always dedicated towards organizing all-rounder events exactly to the tastes and preferences of the guests and hosts
  • Well connected to the events industry with a close-knit association with the best in the industry, including caterers, suppliers, and transport agents

Skills Summary:

  • Immaculate planning skills and expert in initiating events as per the plans
  • Believes in keeping a backup plan ready for any kind of emergency or inaccuracy that may arise during the execution of a plan
  • Effective communication skills
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, as they are the indispensable elements in this profession
  • Ability to hold strong contacts in the industry

Work Experience:

Independent Projects
(2012 onwards)

Some of the important projects are as follows:

  • Organized J&J Corporate's launch event for their brand in 2014
  • Organized VCB Grand's corporate games in Seattle in 2013
  • Managed all the preparations for HKL Auto Expo 2012
  • Looked after JK Riley Book's launch party in 2011

ABC Event Management, LA
Assistant Events Planner

  • Took care of the budgeting process and sent quotations to the client
  • Worked closely with the events planning team on all the projects
  • Went for venue recce and clicked photos of the same and collected quotations from the vendors
  • Made reports involving cost options and submitted them to the senior staff
  • Remained personally present at the venue of each event and made sure that the preparations are being done by the workers in the already planned manner

Educational Qualification:

Graduation in Arts from XYZ College, Boston, 2009


(Mention all your important career achievements under this section.)

This is how an events planner resume is written for applying for new projects or jobs. Consider the sample provided here and construct a fine resume for your job application.

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