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Editor Resume

An editor resume is written to apply for the post of editor in a newspaper or magazine agency. An editor works under various other senior editors such as managing editor, editor-in-chief, etc., in a newspaper agency set-up. In case of a magazine or journal setting, the post of editor-in-chief is known as editorial director.

The various roles and responsibilities of an editor involve going through the written reports of journalists and determining the news that is ready to go into print and the news items that require change. So basically, he is incharge of selecting the print worthy stories and their layout along with advertisements for a newspaper.

The resume of an editor should be carefully written without any mistakes. Following are a few tips to help you write an ideal resume.

Use clear and distinctive headings - You should always divide your resume into separate headings and subheadings for easily categorizing your professional information under each one. With this, you make the work of the reader very easy. The reader can directly go to the particular section which he wants to read in particular, thus making his decision a bit quicker. This also gives a level of clarity and orderliness to the resume, which is good for you.

State your USP - Unique selling proposition is your main marketing characteristic that makes you stand out from the crowd of job applicants for the same post. By strategically and thoughtfully writing your profile summary, you can really make your USP hit the nail on the head and impress the recruiter.

Avoid any grammatical or other mistakes - Since you are writing an editor resume, imagine how bad will it appear if the recruiter finds out even a smallest grammatical mistake in your resume. It is for this reason that you must always carefully write your resume and proofread it twice before you finally send it to the recruiter with your job application.

Following is an editor resume for your reference.

Johnson White
22- North Street
Bowling Green, KY 42104
(270) 232-3112

Objective Statement:

To obtain the post of editor in a leading newspaper agency and responsibly carry out my duties as an editor by ensuring the quality and reliability of all the articles that get published.

Profile Summary:

  • Five years of rich experience as an editor in various offices, handling a multitude of responsibilities
  • Excellent experience in editing news articles, editorial sections, lifestyle articles, and various other news items
  • Strong hold over immaculately carrying out all the editorial responsibilities, ranging from ensuring error free copies to quality articles
  • Always makes sure that all the print articles are in fine tune with the newspaper’s political standing
  • Continuously works towards achieving the vision and mission of the publication house

Skill Set:

  • Well-learned with good experience in editing diverse nature of articles, ranging from business and movies to lifestyle and sports
  • Proficient in training subordinates and new joiners
  • Excellent in bringing out the best from the subordinates and continuously motivating them towards excellence
  • Great communication skills in both verbal and written English

Work Experience:

XYZ Post
(2012 till Present)

  • Edited the daily news articles in the sports section and ensured that necessary changes are incorporated in them with complete stress on the quality of each and every news item, both in terms of content and diversity
  • Identified the areas of improvement and guided the subordinates (journalists and sub-editors) in the direction of improvement
  • Kept a close tab on the competitors’ writing and marketing strategies
  • Attended regular meetings with the senior editorial staff and made notes of important to-do tasks

FC Post

  • Worked under the supervision of the editor and carried out all responsibilities related to the post with an immaculate performance record
  • Made sure that all the instructions and directions from the editor went down the proper channel and communicated to all staff members
  • Updating the editor on all the latest developments
  • Editing articles on behalf of the editor and forwarding the same to him for the final nod


  • Master's Degree in Mass Communications (Journalism), University of New York, NY, 2009
  • Bachelor's Degree in Science, ASS University, CA, 2007


(Suitably state all your professional achievements in the field of journalism till date.)

This is how an editor resume is written and compiled with all the necessary information inter-woven with clear headings and sub headings.

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