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Correspondent Resume

A correspondent resume is written by a person in the journalism field who specializes in field news coverage. His job is to be present at ground zero and cover the news from there, while transmitting it to the main news office via satellite linkup. He also contributes to print news via telephone or recorded messages, which are then transcribed by the in-house writers.

A point of difference between a correspondent and reporter is that while a correspondent has to substantiate the story that he is covering with his own take on the development in progress (including speculations), a reporter has to write hard, fact based news items. Since the correspondent is right at the middle of a developing story, speculation is his only weapon to keep the story interesting for the viewers or readers, thus always building a tension around the news item.

There are various situations in which a correspondent plays an important role in bringing the news to the audience. These are as follows:

War coverage - During a war, a correspondent gets to the war front with the objective of bringing in the latest breaking news from the field to the viewers and readers. This is an extremely challenging task, where one has to bear both emotional and mental draining. To be in a war situation to cover the war is one of the most dangerous tasks of news reporting.

Foreign bureau - Many large news channels or newspapers have their foreign news bureau in other countries from where news correspondents directly report to the main office with all the latest updates on developing situations. Those news networks that don't have such a facility of their own, hire the services of expert news agencies, which carry news for their clients from all corners of the world.

The resume of a correspondent needs to be written with all the important correspondence experience and work included in it. This will ensure that the recruiters notice you with an undeniably impressive image.

Following is a resume sample for the same.

Charles Reid
12, Flower Boulevard
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 443-0344

Objective Statement:

To secure the position of independent correspondent in the department of international news of a leading news corporation and head the foreign correspondence operations competently with the help of my strong experience.

Profile Summary:

  • 10 years of noteworthy experience in the field of war correspondence, international affairs, and national coverage
  • Conducted interviews of many noted personalties, including (fill suitably)
  • Specialized in international affairs
  • Interested in leading/working with dedicated teams of journalists
  • Scripted many personal talk shows and interviews and worked in close association with studio editors and producers

Skill Summary:

  • All round knowledge of production and broadcast
  • An initiator and confident individual with an ability to perform focused research procedures
  • Excellent in executing various interview strategies and digging out information from the sources, thanks to my extensive experience in field operations
  • Excellent communication skills and expert in multiple languages necessary for international news coverage
  • Ability to work under the strictest of deadlines and still coming up with quality journalism work

Work Experience:

RON News Network, California
Middle-East Correspondent

  • Established local contacts in various towns and cities of the Middle East, where most of the work was focused
  • Facilitated fast news reports from various strategic locations while working with an efficient team of professionals
  • Established good standings in the socio-political circles of the areas of operation
  • Covered live events and interviewed many important personalities

ACC News Networking

  • Researched on various international topics and found contacts for interviews
  • Worked closely with the production team for bringing in important news

Educational Summary:

  • Master's Degree in International Journalism, University of California, 2004
  • Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, University of California, 2002


(Mention a few of your major achievements such as some important international news coverage assignments that you handled or the interviews of some very important personalities that you conducted.)

Notice the kind of details provided in this correspondent resume by the applicant. These kinds of details are expected by a recruiter, as he will judge you by the amount and kind of work you have done in the field. Also, while giving these details, one needs to focus on the kind of company and news department he/she is applying for. Based on these only, you should decide what kind of information to include and exclude from your final draft of the resume.

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