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Security Clerk Resume

A security clerk resume brings to the front your ability to perform administrative and clerical functions pertaining to the establishment and maintenance of security systems in jails, hotels, courthouses, hospitals, corporations etc. Being an essential part of your job application, the resume does all the job of portraying the details of your professional and academic history. While your cover letter introduces the reader to your skills and abilities, the resume elaborates the previous job roles that you have undertaken so far, down the career line. Where relevancy and precision in the details that you include in your resume matters more than your job search, you need to use your application as a tool through which you can express your willingness to share the vision of the company and serve for its progress, with you being an essential participant in the ongoing developmental process. This is the message you need to convey to the recruiter, in order to complement your expertise, and convince him to consider you as a potential asset for the company.

Layout and organization

Sometimes, using standard resume templates don't fulfill the need for adequate personalization, and hence you might need to customize the layout and its contents so that your skill sets will immediately appeal to the reader. Here, you need to pay close attention to space planning, since the reader of your resume would ideally be a busy recruiter, and by restricting the length of your resume to accommodate only the most significant points pertaining to your professional qualification, and that with respect to the requirements put forth by the employer, you'll be doing a favor to him. The sample of security clerk resume shown below features a profile summary, which acts as a highly effective substitute for the previous job descriptions, which is otherwise mentioned along with the employment details. But here, all the significant elements pertaining to your work experience need to be organized into one section, within 6-8 points, highlighting using bullets for better visibility.

The career objective

Every resume features an objective, which quantifies your vision, with respect to that of the organization. Comprising of one or two sentences, the career objective should bring forth primary details that would outline your qualification, and introduce the reader to it. Besides, by connecting your interests to the vision of the employer, you tend to draw the attention of the reader, where the sections that follow work to keep him engaged throughout the read. Study the objective featured in the sample resume below, and learn how to combine two or more pieces of information, which would radiate more information within less space. Effective sentence formation and arrangement of contents in a uniform manner is what the reader comes looking for subconsciously.

Given below is a free sample resume for a security clerk. Observe its layout, adopt the style in which information is displayed, and customize its contents thoroughly before you include them in your resume. Ensure that you leave out all the general facts or skill sets, as they do nothing to enhance your resume, and may in turn disinterest the reader. You may also include a section to showcase your accomplishments, provided that they hold adequate relevance and significance to your job situation.

Security Clerk Resume Sample

John K. Lampkin
1007 Braxton Street
Oak Brook, IL 60523
(815) 523-8985


Security Clerk, with over 18 months of experience in performing clerical and administrative duties for the security system within a 4 star deluxe hotel, seeks an opportunity to further learn the advanced aspects of security management, and share the objective of your company to excel in this specialized professional sector.

Executive Summary:

  • Constantly kept track of all security transactions, and informed the authorities in the event of risk or emergency
  • Overlooked and authorized patient/guest requests for the withdrawal of vaults
  • Responsible for the inventory, and maintenance of security identification badges, collected them all at the end of shift and stored in computerized lockers
  • Coordinated with senior security professional for security clearances, updated the electronic database with essential details of the daily activities of the security department
  • Coordinated with the Security Head to provide training to candidates recently joined for the security department
  • In liaison with local and state law enforcement, implement organizational emergency responses, including medical aid
  • Responsible for checking bags and packages of guests and visitors, with an aim to detect potentially dangerous materials

Key Skills:

  • Sound knowledge of recent technologies, and their respective implications in building security systems
  • Highly motivated, confident public speaker, ability to work efficiently individually as well as in team settings
  • Proficient in the regulation of interdepartmental communication
  • Highly skilled in written and verbal communication, sound interpersonal skills facilitating optimal organizational support
  • Close eye for detail, ability to keep calm and patient during chaotic situations or instances
  • Expert in the use of computers and computerized security systems

Work Experience:

2010 - 2012
CBeyond Could Services - Chicago, IL
Security Clerk


Acquired high school diploma, 2010
Hinsdale Central High School - Hinsdale, IL
Placed in grade B+


Available upon request

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