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School Clerk Resume

A school clerk resume signifies the candidate's efficiency in aiding the regulation of daily office functions within an academic institute, by performing a variety of clerical and administrative functions, which include processing student admissions, monitoring the attendance, scheduling parent-teacher meetings etc. Where the ultimate aim of your resume is to win you the opportunity of an interview, you need to work hard to convince the recruiter to think of you as a worthwhile investment for the company. Your primordial purpose for compiling a job application should be shifted over to establishing a strong connection between your interests and the requirements laid down by the employer. Your job application is the mediator that connects the employer's vision to your aspirations. It is evident that recruiters expect to come across information that would help them assess your qualities and capabilities. Hence, your application must be crafted to radiate the essence of completeness and specificity.

Finding out what the reader comes looking for

It's not as difficult as you think it is. Where assuming or guessing things might seem like a twisted task that's unsure of its outcomes, simply contacting the institute and talking to one of the principal or the head of the department will certainly give you clarity as to what they expect from you, as a potential employee. Visit their website to get to learn and understand their vision. This will help you in framing your career objective, which ideally needs to be in sync with the employer's vision. Once you know what is expected of you, note down all the points that you can gather, and select only those elements that possess utmost relevancy and specificity to your employment situation.

The career objective

As shown in the school clerk resume sample below, your resume should start with your contact details, followed by a career objective, which brings into light your intentions, and aims to connect to the employer's interests. Besides, it should be framed in such a manner that it also acts as an official title for your profile. This can be done by including basic details like your current designation, area of expertise, or the amount of experience. Besides expressing your longing to become a part of their team, you need to show the employer that you are eligible to be called as an active competitor for the position.

Customize according to your job situation

For your application to hold a personal appeal to your situation, you need to eliminate all the general or insignificant facts from it. Only those aspects of your previous jobs, which hold utmost relevancy to the specifications of the job you're seeking, are to be included in your resume. As you can see in the sample of the school clerk resume, the employment section does not highlight the previous job descriptions; instead, there is a profile summary that follows the career objective, which is an act of customization, with the purpose to enhance the value of your professional background. Comprising of 6-8 pointers, this section greatly facilitates an easy read, which would be a favor for the busy recruiter, who's usually bound to his work by hundreds of application. If you have a lot of information to be quoted, then try clubbing together two or more elements into one sentence. This would help plan your space optimally, and thus keep your resume to one page only. Subsequently, this would keep the reader encouraged, and keep him engaged in your application.

Similarly, while stating your skills and abilities, skip all those skill sets that lack relevancy and importance to your job scenario. Keep your resume clean of all trash objects. Maintain uniformity in the flow of information throughout the resume. Given below is a free sample resume for a school clerk. Observe and adopt its layout, and refer to its contents to guide you through the seemingly tedious task. Browse through the website to find more resume and cover letter samples.

School Clerk Resume Sample

Richard R. Cates
3999 Kerry Way
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(562) 722-2682


School Clerk, with over 3 years of experience in handling the clerical and administrative functions pertaining to daily operations within a high school, seeks an opportunity to further get to the core of academic management, by sharing the objectives of your institute, and serving for the improvement of its efficiency, and ensuring a comfortable and motivating learning environment for its students.

Executive Summary:

  • Monitored, recorded and processed daily attendance, recording absenteeism, and forwarding the information to the administration and faculty
  • Filed student application forms for admissions, examination, and transfers
  • Maintained everyday lunch counts, and distributed the compiled data to the respective departments for internal reference
  • Sorted mails and schedules various activities in school, under the direction and supervision of the school principal
  • Directed office traffic, and scheduled appointments for parents meeting and parent-teacher conferences
  • Coordinated with building secretaries and local media outlets, to communicate general information concerning lunch menus, board meetings, cancellation of admissions, and delays in academic activities due to extreme weather conditions

Skills and knowledge:

  • Proficient in managing the school and office inventory
  • Expert in the use of MS Office Works for data entry and recording daily office transactions
  • Efficient in the collating, analyzing, and summarizing statistical data
  • Strong organizational skills, with the ability to handle multiple tasks at once
  • Proficient in prioritizing tasks according to their degree of importance
  • Highly motivated team player, with excellent interpersonal skills, facilitating smooth communication with students, parents, faculty, and all staffs

Employment History:

2010 - 2012
Marymount High School - Los Angeles, CA
Administrative Clerk

2007 - 2009
Drone Grade Corp - Los Angeles, CA
Administrative Assistant


Diploma in Accounting and Bookkeeping Principles, 2009
Occidental College - State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA
Placed in grade B+

Graduated from Marymount High School, 2005
Placed in grade B


Available upon request

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