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Sales Clerk Resume

A sales clerk resume brings out the candidate's experience in processing sales transactions and associated payments within retail outlets, stores, supermarket, malls etc. Not only does it quantify your interests and qualities, but also introduces your reader to your professional background. As it establishes strong connection with your employer, it also portrays your character and willingness to serve. It's not just a part of your job application, but also an effective marketing tool. Comprising of several section, as shown below in the sample resume, it holds all the skills and knowledge that you possess, for the reader's judgment.

An ideal resume

So, what gives your resume value? Advertising one's profile may seem difficult, and candidates might feel inefficient of their efforts towards constructing their resume. This is not due to the fear of competition. Competition is only on papers, what we see out there isn't competition, for there's a place for everyone in a given profession. It's not winning or losing in the competition; it's about crafting an enhanced job application. A successful resume is devoid of commonplace facts and figures, and would exhibit various qualities such as brevity in detail, uniformity in the flow of information, space planning, strategically arranged contents, and a customized layout for imparting a personal appeal.

Refer to the sales clerk resume sample given below, and study how all descriptive sentences are formed. You need to try and bring together several pieces of information, and compile them into sentences, so as to ensure a short, yet highly informative read for the ever-busy recruiter.

Customizing the layout of a standard resume

Standard resume templates may help you with the arrangement of information, but they are likey to cause lack of personalization in your resume. Often we see resumes showcasing general responsibilities, in the employment history. We can choose to leave them out, for they add no value to your resume. Common job functions executed during your previous employments, need not be listed here, for we all are aware of it, so is the recruiter. Instead, you can do him a favor by selecting only those details to include, which possess utmost relevance to the specifications of the job you are seeking. Shortening the length of your resume, will facilitate an easy read, thus aiding its enhancement. Instead of including your previous job descriptions while stating your employment history, you can club together all the details pertaining to your expertise in handling sales transactions and associated tasks, summarize them, and lay them down within 6-8 bulleted points for the reader's taking - a profile summary to start with.

Carefully study the resume sample for a sales clerk given below for your reference. Observe the layout and understand the arrangement of contents. All dated information need to be arranged according to a reverse chronology, so as to feature the recent information on top. Your Academic history need not be explained in detail, unless you're recently graduated. You may also include the details of any courses that you have applied for. In such cases, do include the institute/university details.

Also, you may include the details of any awards that you may have earned during your education or employment, provided that they hold some significance to your scenario. You may include them in your profile summary, or next to the employer or institute details (depending upon where you were awarded), or you may even compile the information in a separate section, projecting your accomplishments. Also, references need to be included only if it is specified in the job advertisement, or if the recruiter has instructed you to do so.

Thomas D. Martinez
2444 Charla Lane
Frisco, TX 75034
(972) 712-0211


Sales Clerk, with over 2 years of experience in processing retail sales and handling customer payments, seeks an opportunity to stay parallel to your organization's vision, delivering optimal results through high quality customer service, and acquiring further knowledge and expertise within the field.

Profile Summary:

  • Checked merchandise selected by customers for possible defects or expiry, packed/wrapped them, processed payments, and provided itemized receipts, marking the completion of transactions
  • Stocked shelves with appropriate products, facilitated their easy spotting through price labeling and distinguished aisles
  • Set up promotional displays throughout the shop, aiming for maximum visibility during rush hours
  • Assisted the customers in finding the products they seek, answering any related queries
  • Managed petty cash and float, ensuring the availability of change for all transactions in queue
  • Cleaned shelves, prior to opening the store for sales, generated daily sales reports at the end of shift

Key Skills:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, ability to speak, read, and write English and Spanish
  • Proficient in the use of POS applications (expert in VersaPOS), data entry @ 45 WPM
  • Familiar with the operation of labeling equipment
  • Quick decisiveness, excellent customer service skills, ability to handle upset customers
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks at once during rush hours using effective stress management and task prioritizing

Employment History:

2010 - present
Let's Have Glittring Spam Fills - Frisco, TX
Sales Clerk


Certificate Diploma in Accounting, 2011
Collin County Community College - Frisco, TX

Graduated from Colin High School - Plano TX


Available upon request

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