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Safeway Courtesy Clerk Resume

A Safeway courtesy clerk resume indicates your experience within the Safeway supermarket organization, highlighting your proficiency in offering superior quality customer service, and your ability to perform all associated clerical or administrative functions, which includes packing merchandise, keeping the checkout area clean, assisting needy customers to get their shopping cart to the parking area etc. As a jobseeker, your primordial intention while designing your application should be to establish a strong connection between your interests and the needs of the employer. The purpose of a job application is to bridge the gap between your need for an employment, and the employer's need for a potential candidate who would prove to be beneficial for the company's progress. Therefore, it is essential that your application be employer-centered.

Knowing what to include in the resume

Often, it seems difficult to start writing a resume, and this happens due to lack of proper knowledge, as to what the recruiter expects to see in your application. One cannot possibly guess the employer's needs, you need to contact the company, and talk to one of its recruiters, in order to know what skills and qualities they're looking for. Visiting the company website would also prove to be effective, as you'll get to know their vision, and the recent updates pertaining to their business.

Once you know what would appeal to the reader, make a list of all the abilities that you possess, and all the job roles that you've undertaken during your previous employments. Then, select only those that possess utmost significance to the specifications of the job you're seeking, to be included in your resume as your strengths and professional experience respectively. Leaving out all the information that lack relevancy, so that your application only projects the information that is highly specific to your employment scenario.

Summarize your experience

If you observe the layout of the courtesy clerk resume sample shown below, you'll notice that the employment history lacks the details of previous job descriptions. This is because, they have been summarized into one short section called the Executive Summary. Comprising of upto eight points, this section illustrates your total experience with utmost efficiency, facilitating a quick, easy, and a highly informative read. The summary features effectively constructed sentences, which facilitates the clubbing of two or more details for optimized space planning and usage, and thus enhances the productivity of your resume. This is one act of customization that is known for its benefits.

The career objective

Your resume should start with your contact details, followed by an effective career objective, which connects your vision to that of the employer. Besides expressing your career-related goals, it should also act as an official title to the resume, which would capture the reader's interests and keep him encouraged to assess your potential with an open mind. See the sample of the Safeway courtesy clerk resume provided below for your reference, and take tips in framing an effective sentence, which shows some basic details such as your current designation, your qualification, area of expertise, or your total experience within the field.

Similarly, state your skills and abilities, and try to include them all within 5-6 points. You may also mention the details of any awards or achievements, associated with your academics or employments so far. However, choose to skip your academic accomplishments if you are not recently graduated, or if you possess some work experience. You may list them along with the details of your employment, or feature them in a separate section, following your educational details.

Safeway Courtesy Clerk Resume Sample

Marc B. Howard
1291 Arbor Court
Cheyenne, WY 82003
(307) 340-2001


Courtesy Clerk, with excellent customer service skills, and an ability to ensure sanitation in the work area, seeks an opportunity to carry out advanced administrative and clerical functions, and ensure smooth daily business operations, while sharing the vision of your company to reach the pinnacle of customer service and hospitality.

Executive Summary:

  • Provided outstanding customer service by greeting every customer, and acknowledging their needs
  • Packed merchandise and grocery carefully in plastic and paper bags, ensuring the separation of meat, fish, and other non-vegetarian food items from those that are vegetarian
  • In case of complaints or discrepancies, verified the price of products purchased against the price of items on the stock shelf, and took appropriate actions, answering any related queries
  • Used carts to bring the bags to the customers' vehicles, and collected left out carts from the parking lot and returned them to the store
  • Responsible for keeping the cash and packing counter clean of any unwanted items that are usually left out by the customers during checkout, returned such items to appropriate shelf locations
  • Maintained adequate supply of paper, plastic, and cloth bags at every cash register to facilitate express checkout
  • Regularly wiped down the food belts and weighing scales for orderliness around the checkout area, responsible for the cleanliness of the storage area
  • Coordinated with the management, and addressed customer concerns and issues, with an aim to eliminate any limitations that act as a constraint to providing optimal shopping experience for the customers

Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to maintain highest quality of customer service at rush hours, ability to work in rotational shift patterns
  • Efficient team player, able to adapt to working in a cross-functional work environment
  • Quick decisiveness, excellent problem solving skills, capable of taking initiative and resolving any issues spotted, immediately
  • Highly self-motivated, with an aim to support and contribute to team/departmental progress
  • Close attention to details, with the ability to multitask and prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, facilitating uninterrupted coordination with customers, co-workers, as well as the senior management

Work Experience:

2011 - present
Safeway - Pioneer Avenue, Cheyenne, WY
Courtesy Clerk


Acquired High School Diploma, 2010
Saddle Ridge Elementary School - Cheyenne, WY
Placed in grade C+


Available upon request

The above sample is only meant for reference, and copying the entire contents into your resume is most likely to give rise to a generic resume, which only makes it to the recycle bin. There are hundreds of resume templates and cover letter samples scattered across the domain. Browse the website carefully to find the best matches for your profile.

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