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Records Clerk Resume

A records clerk resume shows the candidate's ability to record, organize, access, retrieve, update, maintain, or purge the official records within of a given department/organization/system, including industries, sports, entertainment, medical, judicial, legal etc. It quantifies the applicant's skills and knowledge pertaining to performing administrative functions, whether restricted to a particular sub-sector, or with the area of specialization or the department unspecified. As an effective mediator between the employer and a jobseeker, a job application is like a portfolio that markets one's ability to perform the duties of a specific position, outlining the interests and previous experience of the candidate, all specific to the requirements put forth by the employer.

Nature of the resume

Although a resume is intended to specify your goals and showcase your abilities, it needs to be employer-centered, meaning that all the information portrayed in the resume must trace back to their expectations, eventually working towards winning the recruiter's confidence. All information that you project in the resume should be arranged in the order of importance, with the most recent information preceding the older ones. Uniformity, precision, and brevity form the essential qualities of a productive resume. A recruiter comes looking for a short, informative, and a worthwhile read. To Facilitate this, we need to exclude all those information pertaining to your profile, which do not possess adequate significance or relevance to the specifications of the job you're seeking. The sample of records clerk resume given below exhibits all these qualities; study the contents to get a clear idea as to the organization of information.

Market your profile with enhancement

Customization plays a very important role in imparting a personal appeal in a resume. Although there are standard formats or templates for resumes, one needs to personalize their resume, with accordance to the given scenario. One such idea for presenting your profile with enhancement is to substitute your previous job descriptions with a summary, which will project only the most important elements that give shape and value to your profile. In the records clerk resume sample given below, the profile summary comprises of about 6-8 points, bulleted for highlighting significant information. This section features all those job roles that you have taken up so far, though only those details that possess close relevance to the employer's needs must be included. All the general or common duties executed need not be listed here, for they don't contribute to the value of your profile.

Similarly, include a section that would put your skills and knowledge for display within 5-6 points. Remember that you need to keep these sections specific to the most, considering brevity as a crucial factor. Observe the example of records clerk resume below and study how all sentences are constructed, so as to get a clear idea to advertise your profile.

Ruby E. Carter
1882 Mayo Street
Florence, KY 41042
(859) 767-9875


Records Clerk, with over 3 years of experience in performing administrative duties and the management of official records, seeks an opportunity to share the vision of your company, and facilitate smooth interdepartmental communication for growth and internal advancement.

Profile Summary:

  • Served as first line contact for accessing any information pertaining to various official records
  • Provided first hand information pertaining to several business processes or client files to all employees within the organization
  • Completed file initiation, maintained stock of legal forms and open or closed files, performed inventory check to ensure the supply of data resources
  • Maintained records of employee attendance, meeting schedules, travel plans, and logs
  • Responsible for researching previous client files for updating or deleting information, also distributed the information to appropriate departments
  • Scheduled and coordinated committee meetings by facilitating effective interdepartmental communication prior to the time of conference

Key Skills:

  • Expert user of intercom systems,
  • Proficient in the use of computers - data organization, storage, ensuring easy access
  • Sound mathematical skills, efficient in the interpretation of statistical data
  • Familiar with the use and maintenance of office equipments such as printers, fax machines, shredders, photocopy machines etc
  • Quick decisiveness; critical situation handling abilities, considering humane principles

Work Experience:

2010 - present
ADP Florence - Florence, KY
Records Clerk

2009 - 2010
Gillum Abstract - Alexandria, KY
Administrative Assistant


Certified Diploma in Economic Studies, 2008
National College - Florence, KY


Available upon request

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