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Receiving Clerk Resume

A receiving clerk resume brings out the candidate's qualification into view, highlighting his ability to ensure that an organization receives the essential resources and supplies to support its business, and that with accuracy and completeness. A job application is the only official mediator that connects your interests and the employer's vision. Where it is comprised of a resume, a covering letter, and associated enclosures, the resume plays a major role in explaining your professional background in detail, at the same time, being brief to the most, so as to facilitate the reader, usually a busy recruiter, with a quick, short, yet highly informative read. Legend signifies that a resume needs to be employer centered, in order to convince the recruiter to consider you as a potential asset for the company. Therefore, all the information that you include in your resume must be in sync with the requirements laid down by the employer.

Behind the scenes

In general, recruiters are bound to review hundreds of applications, which puts limitations to the time that they can spend per application. On an average, a recruiter does not spend more than a minute to review your resume, which makes it evident that they're not interested in seeing something that is irrelevant to the specifications of the job you're seeking. In the sample resume of a receiving clerk given below, you'll see that the employment details aren't accompanied by their job descriptions. This is because, they have been summarized and compiled into one section, where all general job roles have been skipped, so as to maintain specificity to the given job scenario, and thus keep the reader actively engaged in your application.

Career objective

Every resume contains an objective that expresses the candidate's aspirations, which also creates a well fitting frame for the image of your profile that is about to be created in the reader's mind. In the resume sample shown below, you'll see that the objective is comprised of multiple details pertaining to the candidate's professional qualification. You need to include essential details such as your current designation, the area of expertise, and the amount of experience you possess, all put together to show your longing for an opportunity like this one. By doing so, you not only draw the attention of the reader, but also give the objective a feature that will enable it to act as an official title to your profile.

Organizing the content

The best way to understand what the recruiter expects to see in your application is by contacting the company and discussing their needs, or simply visiting their website and learning about their vision and major functions as an actively growing entity within the market. This will give you a clear idea as to what elements pertaining to your professional history you need to present, in order to gain the confidence of the reader. Refer to the receiving clerk resume sample given below and take tips in effective sentence formation, customization, and productive arrangement of information. In order to enhance the outlook of your profile, all you need to do is leave out the mundane facts and any general accomplishments, which do not carry adequate significance to your scenario. Remember that you need not elaborate your educational details, unless you're recently graduated, or if you do not possess any work experience.

Receiving Clerk Resume Template

Tim R. Comstock
1272 Flint Street
Atlanta, GA 30303
(678) 279-6054


Receiving Clerk, with over 2 years of experience handling various tasks within the procurement department, seeks an opportunity to optimize the logistics of your system, and bring about an evolutionary change that will push the business up via an undisrupted route.

Profile Summary:

  • Received incoming shipments, unpacked and verified for completeness of order, also checking for any damages or discrepancies
  • Compiled, verified, and stored records of incoming shipments and those distributed to various departments, within the organization
  • Coordinated with the logistics department to determine modes of shipment, considering cost-effective methods
  • Packed and labeled cartons with shipping information, during outgoing shipments
  • Constantly monitored the stock to record shortage of supplies, coordinated with the procurement manager to prepare requisition
  • Coordinated with shippers to rectify any discrepancies in delivery

Key Skills:

  • Sound knowledge of supply chain management
  • Self-motivated, ability to work with peace and care under stressful conditions
  • Confident decision making, sound problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills, facilitating regulated interdepartmental communication
  • Ability to manage time optimally by effectively prioritizing tasks according to the degree of significance
  • Vision driven, strong multitasking skills

Work Experience:

2009 - 2012
12Pax - Atlanta, GA
Receiving Clerk


Graduated from Oympus High School, 2009
Placed in grade B+


Available on request

You may also include your accomplishments in the profile summary, or next to your employment or educational details, whichever is associated with your achievements. Or, you may also feature them in a separate section following your educational details. Also, some employers might ask you to include references, in which case you need to mention the contact details of any two professionals that you've worked with, or who can provide the recruiter with your performance review. Otherwise, do as shown above in the sample.

Note that the above sample is only provided for reference and copying its contents entirely onto your resume might actually lead to a generic application, lacking personal appeal. Such applications are often spotted by the recruiters and kept aside for shredding. So, carefully study the contents of the example and refer to its contents to guide you through the seemingly difficult task.

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