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Radiology Clerk Resume

A radiology clerk resume comprises of several sections that demonstrate the candidate's ability to perform administrative office duties pertaining to the radiology department, within a medical facility or a healthcare institute. The three major elements that constitute to building up the reader's interest in your application or profile are the career objective, the executive summary, and the key skills. Together, these sections project your interests and goals pertaining to growth in the profession, while explaining your professional qualification and employment experience. As a significant part of your job application, the contents of your resume must bear close relevance to the vision of the employer. It is beneficial for candidates to look up the facility or the healthcare group's website, so as to understand their vision clearly. This will provide a lucid image of their expectations from you, as a potential candidate, for the position applied for.

Resume is a tool

Your job application is the tool for earning the opportunity of an interview, for which it has to be employer-centered, as mentioned above. Your application, comprising of a resume and a covering letter, along with other enclosures, is a medium through which you can communicate your qualities, putting them at display for the reader's judgment and taking.

General standards for an effective resume

Ideally, a resume does not exceed the length of a page; however, there are no obligations to restrict its contents to one page only, when there is lot of information to include. So why is brevity in presentation of your profile a major parameter here? Because your application is usually reviewed by a busy recruiter, who has limitations as to the time he can spend over each application. Reviewing and judging a couple hundred applications, during an organization's recruitment period, does seem to be a major cause for the reader's disinterest in many applications. It is therefore important that you maintain brevity and specificity in information, throughout your resume, as well as your cover letter.

The profile summary

In the sample of the radiology clerk resume given below, you'll notice that the career objective is immediately followed by an executive summary. Comprising of about 6-8 points, this section brings to light your previous job roles, where you are to include only those details that possess utmost significance, when associated with the requirements laid down by the employer. It is best to contact the recruiter and discuss your application, and if time permits, maybe seek more clarity regarding the job specifications of a radiology clerk within that medical facility. Observe the sample below and take tips in forming highly efficient sentences that will bring together multiple details to project your potential to execute the specified responsibilities.

Given below is a free sample of a radiology clerk resume. Refer to the arrangement of information, and grasp the idea of customization. Also, remember that you can also include your accomplishments, provided they are relevant to the job you're applying for. In such cases, you may either club the information together with your professional details, or as a separate section following your educational details. And, you need not include any references if the recruiter has not specified. In such cases, simply mention "Available upon request".

Walter B. Harris
3555 Cost Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 415-3015


Medical Records Clerk, with over 2 years of experience in handling administrative duties associated with the sub-sector of radiology, seeks an opportunity to implement the skills and knowledge acquired, developing them eventually, and serving for your facility in search of excellence and expertise within the profession.

Executive Summary:

  • Registered Health Information Technician, worked under the supervision of physicians, technicians, and nurses, to perform office related administrative functions, pertaining to patient care in the radiology department
  • Involved in attending to phone calls and emails, to redirect them to the appropriate departments, within the healthcare facility
  • Scheduled appointments, responsible for operating the fax and photocopy machines, to make copies of medical documents and diagnostic reports
  • Recorded and maintained patient information, including their background as well as their medical history, managing, accessing, and updating the database as required
  • Keept track of medical bills and itemized invoices, pertaining to the tests and treatments conducted
  • Responsible for interdepartmental communication, ensuring the sharing of patient information across all departments associated with the patients' treatments
  • Maintained records of X-ray tests, patient charts, radiographic films, CT scans, MRIs, and mammograms, organizing them according to treatment dates and their respective physician information

Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to act as a potential link between in-house patients and x-ray technicians
  • Proficient in the interpretation and filing of medical-statistical information; data entry @ 55 WPM
  • Proficient in the use of computers and related applications
  • Excellent customer service skills, with strong sense of belonging for all patients and co-workers, facilitating regulated communication
  • Sound interpersonal skills, efficient in handling multiple tasks at once, with an ability to work stress-free during busier periods
  • Closely familiar with fundamental medical and radiology terminology

Professional Experience:

2010 - present
SunRise Multicare - Bowie, MD
Records Clerk - Radiology


Bachelor of Science (Biology), 2009
Montgomery College - Silver Spring, MD
Secured 62% in final assessments


Mr. David Stems
Radiologist - SunRise Multicare

Ms. Florence Spotting
Lab Technician
(301) 619-4185

The above sample is only for reference and is not to be copied entirely. Browse the website carefully to find more resume templates and cover letter samples.

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