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Quality Clerk Resume

A quality clerk resume aims to project the candidate's ability to perform clerical and administrative functions, associated with quality control and standardization of products, services, and raw materials. As a quality clerk you need to show your skills in filing, storage, testing, audit, and interpreting and summarizing mathematical and statistical data. Your job application should be comprised of two essential documents, namely the resume and a covering letter, where the latter is usually reviewed first by the recruiters. While the resume explains your professional qualification, the cover letter is more of a mediator through which you can express your longing to become a part of the company, and convince the reader that you'll be a potential asset to the company. Both the documents should be constructed in such a manner that they compliment each other, and impart a personal appeal to your application, so that it is highly specific to your employment situation.

Know your employer

Before you start writing your resume, you need to know the organization's role, and it's prominence within the market. Often candidates may find it difficult to compile a job application, but that complexity can be dissolved by understanding the employer's needs. Start by visiting the company website and get to understand their vision. Then contact the company and talk to one of its recruiters, and discuss your application, with an aim to get to know their expectations. Once you know what they come looking for, it will be easy to sort out your professional qualities in the order of importance, and select your skills and abilities that hold utmost significance, when associated with the requirements put forth by the employer.

Summarize your professional background

In the sample resume for a quality clerk shown below, you'll notice that the employment history does not contain any details pertaining to the candidate's previous job description. This is because, they have been summarized into an executive summary, to facilitate space planning and optimal arrangement of information. Reducing your work experience into a short section facilitates a quick, easy, and a highly informative read, thus holding utmost relevance to the specifications of the job you're seeking. Comprising of about 6-8 points, bulleted for optimum visibility, this section says everything about your experience in quality control.

Similarly, make a list of all your skills and knowledge, and select only those which will hold meaning to your employment scenario, to be included in your resume. You need to bring them all together within 5-6 points, so that you can still restrict the resume to a page's length. This would be a favor for the recruiters, who are usually shackled to their work by a pile of applications, which makes it evident that they can hardly spend over a minute to review your resume, and accordingly process their judgment. Observe the section in the sample below, and take tips to construct effective sentences. Try clubbing two or more elements into one sentence, thus covering all essential points within the designated space.

Keep uniformity in the flow of information throughout the resume. The career objective plays a major role in attracting the reader's interest, so you need to frame it in such a way that it not only puts forth your career related interests, but also connects it to the vision of the employer. Including basic elements such as your current designation and your area of expertise will give it a premium feature, and you'll be left with an official title for your resume.

Given below is a free sample of the quality clerk resume, which will guide you smoothly through the seemingly stressful task. Observe and adopt its layout, while you work towards personalizing its contents before you include them in your resume.

Quality Clerk Resume Sample

Carrie R. Joseph
2710 Tetrick Road
Polk City, FL 33868
(863) 258-5330


Quality Clerk, with extensive experience in aiding the regulation of quality standards throughout business systems, seeks an opportunity to get to stay parallel to your company's objectives, and utilize the best of skills and abilities to bring about a desirable change within the quality management system.

Executive Summary:

  • Received, counted, and stored samples of tested chemicals, and recorded test results for performance analysis and the regulation of quality standards
  • Involved in the product stability study program, filed, labeled, and organized samples of raw materials used in compounding, in order to determine, plan, and implement cost-effective strategies for manufacturing
  • Collected samples of finished pharmaceutical products, and stored them according to ascending alphabetical order, for ease of access and identity
  • Maintained the tickler file for withdrawing samples as per testing and internal audit requirements, responsible for taking these samples for laboratory testing
  • Compiled and maintained test results data, with the finished product's appearance, texture, color, melting/evaporation point etc, as the basic parameters for ensuring quality standards
  • Examined all raw materials in the warehouse for damage or expiry, and returned all items considered as defective according to quality standards, back to the vendors
  • Maintained cleanliness of storage areas according to safety regulations
  • Coordinated with the stocks clerk to ensure the availability of supplies, equipment, and tools

Key Skills:

  • Highly efficient in the interpretation and analysis of chemical, statistical, and mathematical data
  • Proficient in the organization, storage, and distribution of electronic data
  • Strong time management skills, ability to handle multiple tasks at once, experienced in preparing employee work schedules
  • Ability to prioritize work according to the level or urgency and importance
  • Confident and motivated, with strong interpersonal skills, facilitating uninterrupted communication with clients and co-workers

Work History:

2010 - present
DT Rock Pharma Corp - Davenport, FL
Quality Clerk


Applied for Advanced Diploma in Quality Management
South University - Polk City, FL
Course starts October 2012

Level 6 Diploma in Pharmacy, 2009
UCL School of Pharmacy - Brunswick Square, London, UK
Secured 72% in th efinal assessments


Available upon request

Note that the above sample is for reference only, and copying the entire contents into your resume will only give rise to a generic resume, which will hold no personal appeal to your employment situation. You will also require an equally effective cover letter to introduce your reader to your application. There are over a thousand sample resumes and cover letters prevalent throughout the website. Browse carefully to find the best matches for your profile.

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