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Property Clerk Resume

A property clerk resume quantifies the candidate's interests and experience in documentation, storage, and provision of material evidences as required for trials and for returning upon authorization of claims. While it puts forth your qualities and skills before the reader, it also communicates your career related interests and goals. As an effective marketing tool, it brings together several elements pertaining to your professional background, in order to display one concrete profile, in a brief yet highly informative manner. Also, a resume needs to be employer-centered if it has to serve its purpose efficiently. Remember, your application is not just about you, but you need to consider the specifications of the job you're seeking and the requirements of the employer. To know their expectations, it's a good idea to contact the recruiter and discuss their needs, which will eventually give you a clearer idea as to the organization of information.

Once you know what's expected from you, start organizing your contents according to their degree of significance and relevance to your scenario. Out of the big chunk of information in hand, you need to select the most appropriate details to include in your application. Doing this will greatly facilitate a short and worthwhile read, also keeping your profile very specific to the position that you're seeking. The layout of a standard resume does help feature all essential details pertaining to your professional history; however, you might need to manipulate its format, so as to cut down on those details which are either generic or commonplace. In the sample of property clerk resume given below, you'll notice that the employment history lacks the previous job descriptions. This is because they've been summarized into one brief section, immediately following the career objective. As shown in the example below, the profile summary features about 6-8 points pertaining to your role during your previous employments. Study how the sentences are constructed and adopt similar pattern; strive to portray two or more facts in one point, clubbing together bits and pieces of information systematically.

Also study the sentence formation of the career objective, to know how to bring together your current designation, experience, your area of expertise, and your willingness to serve, into one complete vision. Crafting an objective efficiently will not only express your interests with enhancement, but also enables it to enact the role of an official title for your profile, subsequently drawing the reader's interest towards your application.

Following your objective and the summary, include a section that is dedicated to reflect your knowledge and abilities, simultaneously working towards keeping your reader engaged in your application. Take care so that you don't miss out on anything essential or repeat any information, while selecting the most appropriate skill sets to be included. You may also include the details of any rewards you have earned, but not here; you need to include them as your accomplishments, following your educational qualification.

Given below is a free sample of a property clerk resume for your reference. Adopt its layout and customize the contents before you include them in your resume, and work hard to impart a personal appeal to it.

Patrick Y. Pittman
1295 Glendale Avenue
Northridge, CA 91324
(818) 717-5282


Property Clerk, with over 2 years of experience in handling documental evidences, material seizures, lost property etc, seeks an opportunity to further assist the police department in the regulation of legal practices across the states, eventually aiding the enforcement of law across the nation.

Profile Summary:

  • Involved in the receipt, storage, and management of valuables and articles that are seized as evidence, or lost or stolen property that are now recovered and kept for claims
  • Issued retained property to officers at the time of courtroom trials, upon request and authorization
  • Contacted owners of stored property and notified them to file claims, for the release of lost or stolen materials upon showing proof of ownership
  • Prepared list of illegal materials including drugs, narcotics, and weapons to be destroyed in the presence of an official witness
  • Responsible for sending seized alcoholic beverages to the local or state liquor commission
  • Managed the records of unclaimed or confiscated money and sent to the auditor's office for further processing
  • Prepared list of unclaimed articles for auctions and donations
  • Responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of office equipment and storage areas, ensuring adherence to safety codes and regulations

Key Skills:

  • Highly self-motivated, sincere follower of humane principles and universal wisdom
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to interact fruitfully with people in adverse emotional states
  • Aware of the fundamental local, state, and federal codes and laws
  • Highly efficient in prioritizing tasks, inventory control, and records maintenance
  • Exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills, ability to handle multiple tasks at once
  • Proficient in the use of computers and related applications including MS Office Works, data entry @ 40 WPM

Work History:

Feb 2010 - present
Foothill Community Police Station - Northridge, CA
Property Clerk

Aug 2008 - Dec 2009
SmartSound Dynalectric - Winnetka, CA
Administrative Assistant

Academic Qualification:

Certificate Diploma in Administrative Practices 2008
LDS Institute - Northridge, CA


Available upon request

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