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Production Clerk Resume

A production clerk resume highlights your efficiency in providing extensive clerical support to the production department within an industrial establishment, and shows your expertise in compiling various kinds of reports showing the different aspects of the production process. Although the cover letter, which is equally important in a job application, introduces the reader to your interests and expertise, the resume is your tool through which you get to advertise your skills and knowledge in detail. Now, the primordial parameter for a job application to appeal to the reader's judgments and expectations is that it needs to be crafted, bearing in mind the specifications of the job you're seeking. Your resume as well as the cover letter need to be employer-centered, meaning that all your strengths and abilities that you showcase through the application, must hold complete relevance to the requirements put down by the employer.

What does the reader come looking for?

If you go about guessing what the reader might be expecting, then you're likely to end up struggling to start writing your resume. A quick and the most effective method to get to know what the recruiter expects to see in your application is by simply contacting the company and discussing your application with one of the recruiters. Talk to them about their requirements and introduce the caller to your interests and application. It is advised that you also visit the company's website and learn about their recent business activities, and try and understand their vision in depth. This will now have given you a clear picture as to what exactly you need to present to the employer, in order to persuade him to consider you as a potential candidate for the position they have to offer.

Organizing all details

Now that you know what you need to give to the reader, make a list of all the elements pertaining to your professional history, and select only those that match the employer's needs, to be included in your application. As you start writing the resume, do state your career objective, taking tips for effective sentence construction from the sample of production clerk resume shown below. Similarly, organize your content for other sections, with respect to the amount of significance it holds to your employment situation, and strive to achieve uniformity in the flow of information throughout all sections. Leave out all the generic details and commonplace job responsibilities pertaining to your previous employments. Instead, summarize your work experience into a short section comprising of about 6-8 points, which will help the reader form a clear image of your profile on his mind, and accordingly judge on your potential.

The career objective should be constructed in such a manner that it not only connects your aspirations to the employer's vision, but also acts as an informative title to your resume. In the production clerk resume sample, you'll see that the objective projects basic information such as the current designation, area of expertise, and the actual career goal. Bringing together these things will help you to provide a brief outline of your profile, and draw the reader's interests towards your application. You may also focus on your accomplishments, if any, and feature them in a separate section, following your educational details. Strive to keep your application highly specific to the requirements laid down by the employer, and refer to the sample resume shown below, to guide yourself through the potentially tedious task.

Free Sample Resume for a Production Clerk

Ray J. Holden
4547 Stratford Park
Bloomington, IN 47408
(812) 857-7678


Production Clerk, highly skilled in the compilation of production data for industrial processes, seeks an opportunity to implement the skills and knowledge acquired to further get to the center of production management, sharing the vision of your company for guiding me through the career path.

Executive Summary:

  • Compiled together data from consumer orders, product specifications, work tickets, and production-per-worker sheets, in order to prepare reports that show the raw materials consumed, volume of production on a daily and weekly basis, quality control etc
  • Calculated, compiled, and maintained records to show the types of goods produced, rate of potential defects encountered, the amount of scrap generated during the process, and the production cost of the department
  • Coordinated with the Production Manager to activate reorder points for anticipated shortfalls
  • Constantly kept track of changes in client/consumer demands, availability and the efficiency of production equipments and machinery, and any delays in the procurement of raw materials, to facilitate the development of a master production schedule
  • Prepared and forwarded work orders to the billing department for further processing, responded to status requests by the clients as well as the Production Manager
  • Responsible for updating the production priority list for critical or emergency orders, communicated discrepancy reports to concerned departments
  • Performed clerical support functions such as labeling and distributing departmental paperwork, also coordinated forensic watermarking

Skills and knowledge:

  • Strong planning and organizing skills, ability to coordinate and track the progress of multiple work orders at once
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, facilitating smooth and accurate interdepartmental communication
  • Ability to provide high quality customer service, exceptional skills in time and stress management
  • Honest and highly reliable, with close attention to minute details, for eliminating any errors
  • Sound ability to interpret, analyze, and summarize statistical and numerical production related data
  • Proficient in the use of computers and related applications; data entry @ 50 WPM

Work History:

2010 - 2012
Fatsigns - Bloomington, IN
Production Clerk

2009 - 2010
Ramm Kroeger Co - Bloomington, IN
Accounting Clerk


Bachelor of Commerce, 2010
Indiana University - Bloomington, IN
Placed in grade B+

Graduated from Pinnacle High School - Bloomington, IN, 2008
Placed in grade B


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