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Produce Clerk Resume

A produce clerk resume brings into light your proficiency in providing a set of clerical services and associated functions to the produce section, within a grocery store or a supermarket. It also signifies the fundamental skill sets that you possess, and explain your interests and goals pertaining to this field of profession. Although a job application is meant to advertise your profile, the resume and the covering letter need to be employer-centered to actually make an impact on the reader's mind, and influence his decision as to whether to give you the opportunity of an interview. Can you market your profile without knowing what elements out of it the recruiter is looking for?

Know your employer

Before you start writing your resume, it's a good idea to visit the company's website and learn about their goals and success. This will help you establish a link between your interests and that of the employer. Even more beneficial would be to contact one of the recruiters and talk to them about their needs. Briefly discussing your interest in the job position is likely to help you gain clarity in their expectations, and you may then deliver what the reader comes looking for. It is essential that your resume stays specific to your job situation.

Know your recruiter

In most cases, the reader of your application is a busy recruiter, who is left with little time to spend per application, possibly due to his workload or the huge pile of applications he has to review. This makes it clear why we need to keep our resumes short and easy to read. A recruiter may easily be put off by a lousy job application, subjecting the others in the pile to the reader's disinterest. It is therefore important that you try and keep the reader motivated and clinging onto your application.

Create a title for your resume

In the sample of produce clerk resume given below, you'll see that the resume starts with the candidate's contact details, immediately followed by the objective. Study carefully to understand the strategy used while framing it. Effective sentence construction can impart your career objective with a characteristic feature to act as an official title to your resume, while creating an outline for your profile. Try and club together the fundamental details pertaining to your professional background and present it as one concrete vision. Comprising of one or two sentences, your objective must be framed to draw the attention of the reader, while connecting your vision with that of the employer.

Summarize your professional history

Standard resume formats need to be customized in order to impart a personal appeal to your application. In the sample resume shown below, the profile summary features about 6-8 points, where all the previous job roles have been put together for display, in brief. Where all mundane facts are left out from inclusion, only those details that hold utmost relevance to the to the specifications of the job you're seeking. By doing so, you restrict the length of your resume, while keeping your resume highly specific to the requirements of the job position.

Given below is a sample resume for a produce clerk. Observe its layout carefully to grasp the essence of customization, and refer to its contents for effective sentence construction and the arrangement of information. Maintain uniformity in the flow of contents throughout your resume. Note that copying the contents of the above sample may result in a generic resume, lacking personal appeal. Also, you can further customize the layout of the resume and include your accomplishments, either in the profile summary, or next to the details of the employer or the educational institute, whichever is associated with your achievements. Or, you may also include them in a separate section, following your educational details.

Peter S. Soukup
279 Coplin Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85003
(602) 523-5489


Produce Clerk, with over 2 years of experience in providing varied services to the produce department within grocery store, seeks and opportunity to utilize the best of skills and customer service ability to help proliferate the business of your organization, while being an active participant in the developmental process.

Profile Summary:

  • Involved in stocking and rotating produce and floral merchandise; trimming and watering regularly to ensure quality and freshness
  • Performed daily inventory control with an aim to maximize produce availability and preventing loss of stock due to expiry
  • Arranged produce for displays and provided food samples in order to boost sales
  • Responsible for ordering products as needed, received and checked shipments for accuracy and completeness
  • Trained recently employed candidates, explained them all safety codes and quality standards
  • Assisted in cost-control, and implemented effective energy-saving storage techniques

Core Competencies:

  • Familiar with effective measures to prevent loss of produce due to damage and spoilage
  • Sound knowledge of local, state, and federal health codes and civil regulations
  • Extensive knowledge of produce items, ability to provide suggestions and guidance in purchase
  • Possess healthy medical history, able to lift heavy products on a regular basis
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to speak, read, and write Spanish
  • Sound interpersonal skills, facilitating optimal customer service

Work Experience:

2010 - present
Chrome Valley - Phoenix, AZ
Produce Clerk


Graduated from Crystal Heritage High School, 2009
Placed in grade B+


Available upon request

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