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Processing Clerk Resume

A processing clerk resume aims to project the candidate's expertise in entering and processing incoming consumer orders for materials, merchandise, installation and support services etc, and also highlights one's proficiency in executing associated clerical functions. While its purpose lies in marketing your abilities, a major portion of your resume aims to influence the reader's judgments as to whether you'd be the best suitable candidate for this position. This is the general objective of every job application. As a highly effective channel for expressing your interests and connecting them to the employer's needs, your resume should address your potential to become an active participant in the organization's growth. To be employer-centered is the primordial parameter of an ideal resume. The recruiter will come expecting to see some information that would help him analyze your capabilities, which would in turn help him locate answers to his employer's question as to whether employing you would benefit the business.

Knowing what to be presented

You might find it difficult to write a resume, but it's only the start that seems difficult, and that could be overcome by knowing what the recruiter is expecting to see in your application. You can gain access to their needs by visiting the company website, or contacting the recruiters and discussing their needs, and if time permits, then maybe introduce them to your application. It's important that you note down what the recruiter specifies, and on the other hand make a list of all the qualities and expertise that you possess. Now, match them, so that all those elements that do not hold adequate relevance to the specifications of the job position you're seeking, will be distinguished from those that give shape and value to your profile. This way, you can keep all the "garbage" content from your resume.

Organizing via personalization

Your job application holds personal to your employment scenario. Including generic content here and there, just to fill up some space, will only cause to disinterest the reader. In fact, you need to reduce your previous experience into a short section that will only project useful information that hold utmost significance, when associated with the requirements put down by the employer. In the processing clerk resume sample shown below, you'll see that the career objective is followed by an executive summary, featuring about 6-8 bulleted points. This section aims to cover your entire employment history, explaining the most important roles that you have played during your previous employment(s). If you can't get it all within 8 or even 10 points, then you must try clubbing two or more pieces of information together, so that the section looks conveniently short to read, but once the reader goes through it, he must feel as if he has just gone through an encyclopedia of your professional background (now this was a hyperbole).

Also, the career objective must be framed so that it not only acts as a mediator that connects your aspirations to the employer's objectives, but also enacts the role of an official title for your resume. Study the objective featured in the sample of processing clerk resume and take tips for effective sentence construction that would allow you to bring together basic information pertaining to your professional qualification, and also express your willingness to become an active part of the organization. Note that you may also include your accomplishments, if they hold any relevance to your employment situation. In such cases, you can choose to mention them in the employment or the educational section, next to the details of the employment or the academic institute, with which your achievements are associated. Also, educational details need not be explained in detail, unless you're recently graduated (still optional).

Free Resume Sample for a Processing Clerk

Andrew W. Tudor
4663 Brooklyn Street
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 238-1603


Processing Clerk, with over 2 years of experience in processing incoming orders for merchandise and paid support services, seeks an opportunity to further get to the core of this intensive sector, by sharing the goals of your company, and serving for the collective optimization of the system.

Executive Summary:

  • Entered the details of a range of incoming consumers' orders concerning electronic merchandise and post-sales support services, into computerized systems for processing
  • Verified consumer's order requests for accuracy and completeness, and contacted the customer in case of any discrepancies or for filling out any missing information
  • Received and acknowledged orders by fax and email, ensuring quickest possible service
  • Computed total charges, including taxes and shipping fees, informing the customers of receipt of their order, the prices, scheduled delivery dates, and provided them status updates
  • High degree of involvement in the preparation of contracts, recorded and filed several copies of orders received
  • Generated itemized invoices and essential shipping documents, required to be signed and returned to the company, to confirm delivery of goods and services
  • Coordinated with various departments such as sales, production, logistics, and warehouse, in order to trace shipments and post associated process updates
  • Maintained regulated inter-organizational communication, in order to inform and direct the appropriate departments of goods and services to be shipped to designated locations

Skills and Abilities:

  • Proficient in the use of computers and MS Office Works, data entry @ 50 WPM
  • Highly efficient in collecting and processing payments and recording customer transactions
  • Ability to handle consumer complaints and any misunderstandings, ensuring high quality customer service
  • Self-confident, energetic, with the ability to stay motivated despite the work being monotonous
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with a vision for organizational development
  • Sound knowledge of the working of logistics department

Work Experience:

2010 - 2012
Wandering Sheep Cascade - Eugene, OR
Processing Clerk


Graduated from Marist High School, 2009
Placed in grade C+


Available upon request

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