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Post Office Counter Clerk Resume

The resume of a post office counter clerk or a postal service clerk showcases the candidate's proficiency in processing mail orders, and performing several associated functions. As it quantifies your interests and goals pertaining to your profession, it also zooms in on your previous job roles, highlighting your expertise in the duties performed, and those that possess significance, considering the specifications of the job you're seeking. A resume is as important as a covering letter in your job application, projecting your professional history and educational qualification, for the reader's judgment. In a world where people are being seen as assets, you need to present your profile with adequate enhancement, advertising your abilities and strengths, so as to provide answers to the recruiter's doubts on your potential, and subsequently gain his confidence.

How should your resume be?

A resume comprises of several sections, as shown below in the sample of postal service clerk resume, and is ideally restricted to a page's length, so as to facilitate the reader with a quick and an easy read. Brevity is a major parameter influencing the reader's judgment, so is specificity a mandatory element of your job application. Including irrelevant information, or general job roles and common skill sets will certainly disinterest the reader to a critical extent. Instead, leaving out all mundane details, and keeping the contents of your resume strictly in conjunction with the employer's needs, will act as a fulcrum that would help sustain the reader's interest in your profile/application. The tone of delivery needs to be formal, whereas the information personal to your job scenario.

Organizing content has never been so difficult with an example to refer to. Observe the post office clerk resume sample below and take tips for effective sentence construction and optimal arrangement of details. Use bullets for highlighting detailed contents, such as in the profile summary or while stating your key skills. This will ensure better visibility and facilitate a neat presentation.

Capture the reader's interest

Every resume must contain an effective career objective, which would connect your vision with that of the organization's. One way to ensure that you get hold of the reader's interest is by framing an effective objective, which not only communicates your aspirations, but also provides an outline for your profile. The objective that is featured in the sample resume given below, is composed of several details, so that it also acts as an efficient title to it.

Summarize your professional background

Standard resume formats do fulfill their purpose; however a little customization of its layout would work wonders for you. In the below sample, you'll see that the employment details are unelaborated, with the previous job descriptions being summarized into 6-8 points, for productive space planning and imparting a personal appeal. If you have plenty of information to include, then try clubbing two or more details together into one sentence. Frame short and direct sentences, avoid passive statements to a safe extent.

Similarly, while stating your skills and abilities, make sure you leave out the ones that possess negligible significance, considering the expectations of the recruiter. One simple way to figure out what they expect to see in your resume is to contact them and discuss your application or get to know their needs. Also, you may include the details of any accomplishments, provided that they are somewhat relevant to the employment you're seeking. In such cases, you may either include them in the profile summary, or place the details next to the employer's or the academic institute details, whichever is applicable in your case. Or, you may even feature them in a separate section, following your educational details. Please note that references need not be included if the employer has not specified.

Given below is a free sample of a postal service clerk resume. Adopt its layout and study the contents carefully to grasp the essence of personalization. Avoid copying the contents of the sample, for it might result in a generic resume, lacking personal appeal. We have provided over a thousand resume and cover letter samples, browse carefully to come across the perfect match for your profile.

Jason D. Penton
4375 Farm Meadow Drive
Ehrenberg, AZ 85328
(928) 923-1860


Postal Service Clerk, with over 3 consecutive years of experience in handling several tasks pertaining to mail distribution and processing, seeks an opportunity to perform advanced postal transactions, blending with the standards established by your organization, for excellence and expertise.

Profile Summary:

  • Involved in selling postal cards, postage stamps, and stamped envelopes
  • Verified and issued money orders, recording the transaction and providing itemized receipts
  • Registered mails, computing all associated costs of distributing letters and packages
  • Organized mails onto the mail rack, arranged according to states, organizations, and prominent locations
  • Verified mails for adherence to appropriate postage regulations
  • Canceled incomplete mails using canceling machines
  • Recorded daily transactions, complaints regarding delay in shipments, undelivered mails etc, and redirected them to designated areas for inspection and corrective actions
  • Responsible for posting public announcements and postal service updates on bulletin boards

Key Skills:

  • Sound knowledge of fundamental postal service practices and methodologies
  • Proficient in the organization and maintenance of electronic database, data entry @ 55 WPM
  • Close attention to detail for accuracy in services offered
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks efficiently, strong skills in schedule management and task prioritizing
  • Proficient in the use of computers, MS Office Works, and related tools and applications
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, ability to provide high quality customer service

Work Experience:

2009 - present
US Post Office - Ehrenberg, AZ
Postal Service Clerk


Diploma in Accounting and Bookkeeping Principles, 2008
GateWay Community College - Ehrenberg, AZ
Placed in grade B+


Available on request

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