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Pit Clerk Resume

A pit clerk resume aims to project the candidate's ability to coordinate all transactions and activities that facilitate an optimal gaming experience for the customers, and shows his ability to provide extensive administrative support to the casino. While it acts as a strong mediator that connects your vision to that of the organization, it also aims to market your skills and abilities, with respect to the requirements specified by the employer. As an essential part of your application, whose purpose is to convince the reader to regard you as a potential gain for the company, your resume aims to project your professional and educational background with utmost enhancement, so that your application hovers above all that we interpret as competition. If you expect your application to influence the reader's judgment on your capabilities, then you must strive to keep it employer-centered, for the sole reason that every recruiter comes looking for candidates who will benefit the business; they don't really look for personal interests or opinions. So, as a jobseeker, it's important that you know and understand what they want, so that you can project only those qualities that they're after.

Before you begin

Before you start writing the resume, it would be advisable to visit the company website, in order to know and understand their vision, and maybe gain some knowledge about their reputation or specialty. An easy way to gain access to their expectations is by contacting one of the recruiters and discussing their needs, and accordingly you may choose what you will include as information in your resume. Now, make a list of all the roles that you have played in your previous employment, and pick the most relevant elements, when associated with the new job description. It would be a waste of space, time, and effort if you go about mentioning the general or common responsibilities that you had undertaken, for they don't add any value to your profile, and may sometimes steal the reader's interest away.

Customize with care

The sample of pit clerk resume given below, shows evident signs of customization, for it certainly holds a personal appeal to the job situation. One great act of personalization is to include a profile summary instead of the previous job descriptions, which are usually stated along with the employment details. Doing so will facilitate optimal space planning and a pleasant reading experience for the recruiter. Know that your recruiter will spend no more than a minute to review your resume and accordingly judge on your potential. Therefore, it becomes evident that you need to favor him by crafting a short, simple, and a highly informative resume. The profile summary features about 6-8 points, highlighted using bullets for optimal visibility, all pointing towards your expertise within the field. You may have quite a lot of details to be stated here, but you need to try and bring together two or more pieces of information, and frame effective sentences that project more within less space. Similar strategy needs to be implemented while you state your key skills. Choose to leave out all general qualities that you possess, and try being as specific as you can to the employer's needs. Precision, brevity, and enhancement, that's all it is.

The career objective

Your resume should start with your contact details, followed by an objective that not only radiates your willingness to become an active part of the organization, but also provides a brief outline of your current qualification. Study the career objective featured in the pit clerk resume sample, and take tips for framing a highly effective one that also acts as an official title to your resume.

You may also include the details of any awards that you may have received during your education or employment, but they must hold adequate significance to your employer's interests. If this is the case, then you feature your accomplishments in the profile summary, or next to the employment or educational details (depending upon where you were awarded), or you may even showcase them in a separate section, following your educational details. Given below is a free resume sample for a pit clerk. Study and adopt its layout, and refer to its contents to guide you through the seemingly tough task.

Pit Clerk Resume Sample

Randolph E. Fuller
2053 Meadowview Drive
Staunton, VA 24401
(540) 851-8666


Pit Clerk, with over 2 years of experience in optimizing player's gaming experiences and providing administrative support for casino system, seeks an opportunity to further implement the skills and knowledge developed, and become an active part of your organization's ongoing expansion.

Profile Summary:

  • Monitored by a gaming supervisor, coordinated customer transactions, and recorded and managed daily cash flow
  • Created, verified, and approved customer identification, and ensured a pleasant gaming experience
  • Entered and updated player information, transactions, and customer ratings, into computerized data console
  • Responsible for balancing all revenue activities for specified group of gaming tables, by the end of each work shift
  • Constantly monitored and recorded money transactions, and sent to the internal revenue service regularly
  • Ensured the availability of markers and other gaming necessities, coordinated with in-game personnel for ratings, credit, and fills, in conjunction with established standards and procedures
  • Responsible for creating new accounts and merging existing accounts that are duplicate

Skills and Abilities:

  • Tactful and polite, strong interpersonal and social skills, facilitating high quality customer service, and promoting a friendly and energetic work environment
  • Self-confident, enthusiastic, and motivated, high degree of interest in casino gaming, drive to maintain an ethical environment
  • Ability to handle problematic situations with efficiency and honesty, thus preventing inappropriate behavior by customers as well as co-workers
  • Skilled at recognizing and empathizing concerns and emotions, innate ability to build customer rapport and promote long-term business relationships
  • Quick decisiveness, ability to radiate team spirit and influence others with the same feeling through trust and friendship

Work Experience:

2010 - 2012
The Homestead - Hot Springs, VA
Pit Clerk


Graduated from Riverheads High School, 2009
Placed in grade B+


Available on request

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