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Personnel Clerk Resume

A personnel clerk resume brings into spotlight, the candidate's ability to compile and manage employee information, and perform several functions pertaining to increasing the efficiency of an organization's human resources. While it illustrates your professional background, it also outlines your interests and aspirations pertaining to your career path, thereby introducing the recruiter to your profile. As it showcases the fundamental qualities that portray your image as a potential asset to the company, it also establishes strong connection with your employer. On the other hand, your application is also a marketing tool, and to advertise your profile with enhancement, you need to know what the recruiters come looking for, in a job application. The criteria through which they judge the applicants differ from organization to organization, and often the principles of two recruiters within the same company may also differ. It is therefore recommended that you understand the company's vision and share it momentarily, so as to market your profile with efficacy. Contacting the employer and discussing their needs would be even beneficial, for it will give you more clarity as to the presentation of information.

Organizing the contents

Often, starting to write the resume becomes a major issue, but only for an extended moment. The best way to start is by jotting down all the points you have in mind on a rough piece of paper and selecting the most important points for inclusion. Here, you need to choose carefully, so as to avoid all mundane or irrelevant facts and figures, which will only do to delay a recruiter's review. If you see the personnel clerk resume sample below, you'll notice that all the sentences are constructed with precision, considering brevity as an essential aspect here. Take tips from the example as to the arrangement of information, highlighting, and sentence formation. Sort all information according to which section they need to be included in, avoiding the repetition of information.

The layout

As you can see in the sample resume template below, the resume starts with the contact details, followed by an objective, which leads to your profile summary. Carefully study this section, as this will cover your professional experience. Frame strong, short, and simple sentences, projecting multiple information in one bulleted point. Include about 6-8 points here, leaving out on those aspects of your previous employment, which have low or no significance, when associated with your current scenario. Also, the layout needs to be customized properly, so as to hold a personal appeal. Following the summary, the Key Skills section quantifies your expertise and knowledge. These sections greatly influence the reader's attention, and if loosely crafted, your profile is likely to go unnoticed, due to the lack of proper enhancement. It's necessary that you customize the layout of a standard resume to facilitate a uniform flow of information. Accomplishments can either be included in the profile summary or in the employment section, or even as a separate section dedicated to showing the details of any awards that you have received.

Given below is a free sample of personnel clerk resume for your reference. Adopt its layout and understand its customization.

Samuel K. Lawson
1449 Upton Avenue
Westbrook, ME 04092
(207) 918-5496


Personnel Clerk, with total industry experience of 5 years, seeks an opportunity to acquire core knowledge of human resource planning and management through active participation in the development of your organization, by regulating the communication between all departments and improving the personnel management system through evolution of established principles and methodologies.

Profile Summary:

  • Overlooked various employee-related matters, including payroll, performance benefits, and employee relations
  • Involved in the analysis, management, and maintenance of employees' personal data, including all information pertaining to their tax deductions, attendance, insurance, and performance assessments and reviews
  • Updated job postings regularly on job portals, collected and screened job applications, scheduled interviews, and performed employee background check
  • Organized health screenings, induction, and training programs for recently employed candidates
  • Used automated information systems for preparing documents, and maintaining and retrieving employee records
  • Coordinated internal as well as external auditing procedures, assisted in the generation of accident reports
  • Responsible for keeping track of employee status, recording any changes in wages, address, licenses, or certifications, including the details of internal or cross-branch transfers
  • Responsible for resolving employee dissatisfaction and conflicts

Key Skills:

  • Knowledge of fundamental office functions and the standard business codes and regulations
  • Sound experience in the operation of office equipment and electronic file management, data entry @ 45 WPM
  • Ability to handle confidential documents, critical thinker, great handler of chaotic situations
  • Highly self-motivated, with excellent administrative and communication skills; proficient in the regulation of inter-departmental communication
  • Choose to carry unadulterated disposition, rather than being diplomatic during incidental happenings
  • Quick decisiveness, highly efficient and accurate judgments, with an ability to prioritize tasks according to importance

Work History:

2009 - present
Legacy Bell - Falmouth, ME
Personnel Clerk

2006 - 2008
The Portland Wish Co. - Windham, ME
Office Clerk


Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) 2008
Kaplan University, South Portland, ME
Placed in grade B


Available on request

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