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Parts Clerk Resume

A parts clerk resume comprises of several sections and details, including a career objective, profile summary, employment history, skills and abilities, academic details, and accomplishments, all put together to communicate your interests, knowledge, and potential to the recruiter. Although a resume is directed towards marketing your profile, and projecting your expertise, its contents need to provide answers to the reader's question as to whether you are the ideal candidate for the position they're offering. And for that, all the information that is projected in your resume must be in compliance with the specifications of the job. An easy way to analyze their expectations is by discussing the job profile with one of the recruiters. This will eventually provide you more clarity as to what you need to present, in order to gain the confidence of the reader.

Once you have a clear idea as to what's expected of you, jot down all your qualities and skills that you can think of, then select only those elements from them that possess utmost importance to your scenario. A great way to ensure a worthwhile reading experience is by restricting the length of the resume to one page only, where we are not to include any general facts and mundane qualities in us, for they don't contribute to the enhancement of your profile. The reader of your resume is usually a busy recruiter, who has limitations as to the time he can spend per application. One can easily become disinterested if the contents of the resume only keeps him cycling through the same information or if he finds his attention being diverted towards something irrelevant to the job situation. Therefore, it is very important to keep your resume specific to the most, when it comes to highlighting your previous job descriptions.

If you observe the layout of the parts clerk resume sample given below, you'll see that the employment section lacks the previous job descriptions. This is because they have been summarized into 6-8 points to be included in the profile summary. Your resume should start with a career objective, immediately following your contact details, which should express your interests in the profession, and your willingness to share the vision of the organization and serve for its progress. Besides connecting your vision with that of the employer's, the objective also acts as an official title to your resume, outlining your profile in one or two sentences. As shown in the sample, try clubbing together multiple pieces of information, including your current designation, area of expertise, the amount of experience etc, so as to draw the reader's attention towards your application.

Similarly take tips in sentence construction, and carefully choose the qualities that you wish to project, while stating your key skills and abilities. Highlight all significant information using bullets. Strive to achieve uniformity in the flow of information, throughout your resume. Educational details may be elaborated if you have no work experience, or if you're recently graduated. You may also include your accomplishments, either in the profile summary, or in a separate section following your educational details.

Given below is a free sample resume for a parts clerk. Study its layout and customize its contents before you include them in your resume. Copying the text entirely is likely to give rise to a generic resume lacking adequate personal appeal, which makes it prone to apparent rejection. Also, avoid repetition of information and make sure you don't miss out on anything important. There is no obligation as to keeping your resume to one page if you are forced to leave out significant information. In such cases, you may choose to include the job descriptions. References need to be included if the employer specifies, otherwise, do as specified in the sample resume shown below.

Evelyn J. Karnes
3148 Hall Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 446-3276


Parts Clerk, with over 2 years of experience in providing clerical and administrative support to ensure the availability of spare parts and equipments, seeks an opportunity to share the vision of your company and serve to deliver optimal outcomes, thus contributing to the company's internal advancement, and reaching out to excellence and expertise within teh profession.

Profile Summary:

  • Received, organized, stored replacement parts and equipment, for issuance as per the factory maintenance requirements
  • Involved in taking inventory of available parts and equipment, both in storage and in use, for records maintenance
  • Operated trucks and forklifts to pick up incoming heavy stocks
  • Responsible for processing internal ortders for spare parts, and delivering them to designated locations within the factory of the building
  • Updated the details of all materials in use and in the warehouse into the company database, regularly updating to prevent data loss and potential consequences
  • Responsible for transacting out of the system all parts that are distributed to respective production areas

Key Skills:

  • Proficient in bookkeeping, ability to interpret statistical and mathematical data for generating reports
  • Familiar with cost-effective measures for prevention of loss of equipment due to damage or mal-maintenance
  • Excellent time management skills, efficient in task prioritizing and multitasking
  • Sound decision making abilities, patient judgments, logical reasoning, ability to work unaffected by stress during problematic situations
  • Proficient with the use of computers and related applications, data entry @ 40 WPM

Work Experience:

2010 - present
The Banyan Tree Co - Las Vegas, NV
Parts Clerk


Major in Economics, 2009
Carring Valley Community College
Placed in grade B


Available on request

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