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Operations Clerk Resume

An operations clerk resume speaks of the candidate's ability to deliver clerical and administrative services that would ensure uniformed daily operations. An operations clerk may work in government entities, financial institutions, marketing corporations, educational institutions, hospitals etc. Besides communicating your interests and qualities, an ideal resume projects all the significant information pertaining to the previous job roles that you've undertaken. A resume, being a major part of your job application, is not just a mediator between you and the employer, but also an effective marketing tool for promoting your profile. Upon being introduced to your interests by a covering letter, the recruiter comes to your resume, seeking answers to his expectations. For a job application to succeed, it needs to be employer-centered. Hence, it becomes necessary to share the vision of the organization momentarily, so that we can try and connect our aspirations to its vision. Contacting the company and talking to one of its recruiters will prove even more beneficial, for you will gain clarity as to what skills and abilities in you that you must present.

Strategic manipulation of the layout

A resume without customization means rejection, so it's important that you customize the layout of any standard resume format, according to the needs of your scenario, so as to impart a personal appeal to your application. One such effective act of personalization can be seen below in the sample of the operation clerk resume, where the candidate's professional background has been summarized into 6-8 points, briefly explaining the job responsibilities executed so far. Doing so will facilitate optimal space planning, and will help give rise to a compact, yet highly informative resume, which is exactly what a busy recruiter, bound by hundreds of applications, comes looking for.

Brevity in content encourages the reader to cling on to your application. Where most of the job roles are similar to those pertaining to a receptionist or an administrative assistant, there comes the need to eliminate all the generic details that squander your application's personal appeal. Observe the section in the sample below and take tips in forming sentences that project more than one information. Try and club together multiple details in one sentence, thus facilitating effective space planning. Also, highlight them using bullets for zooming in.

Your resume should start with your contact details, followed by a career objective. Every resume contains an objective, and it is essential that you frame it well if you wish to draw the attention of the reader. In the example, you'll see that the objective is comprised of details such as the current designation, experience, and the area of expertise, all put together along with the candidate's career goals, irrespective of whether short or long term, to project one vision. And that should be directly related to the requirements put forth by the employer.

Similarly, while stating your core competencies, remember to leave out all the general skill sets or commonplace knowledge base, for they contribute nothing for the enhancement of your profile, and may even take the reader's interest away. Quantify your skills and qualities within 5-6 points, then move on to project your educational qualification and the employment details. Academic history need not be elaborated, unless you have graduated recently. Employment details need not contain the previous job descriptions, for we have already summarized them into the profile summary. You may even state your accomplishments, provided that they hold some significance to the scenario you're in. Also, remember that references are to be included only when the employer specifies.

Given below is a free sample of an operations clerk resume. Observe and adopt its layout. Study how the sentences are formed, and customize its contents before you include them in your resume.

Sharon L. Shelton
1240 McDonald Avenue
Orlando, FL 32808
(407) 822-6249


Operations Clerk, with over 3 years of experience in providing highly quality clerical support to corporate executive, seeks an opportunity to share the vision of your organization, and work towards the regulation of interdepartmental and intercorporal communication, while being an active participant in the developmental process.

Profile Summary:

  • Provided intensive administrative support to the operations team, under direct supervision of the operations manager
  • Posted updates on company websites, compiled weekly reports and corporal letters, organized file records pertaining to business transactions and office activities
  • Scheduled and organized interdepartmental meetings, corporate workshops, and industrial visits, made travel arrangements for executives in such scenarios
  • Acquired source data from the chief officers and completed contracts, invoices, bills, checks, and policies, for further business communication
  • Managed the inventory of office supplies, including conference room essentials
  • Maintained computerized database systems, ensuring organized storage and easy access of business data
  • Processed, compiled, and reviewed business forms and expense reports

Key Skills:

  • Proficient in schedule maintenance and calendar management, using time-effective applications
  • Strong time management skills, efficient in prioritizing tasks and multitasking
  • Fundamental knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping principles and practices
  • Proficient in the handling and recording of banking transactions
  • Familiar with the operation of facsimile machines, printers, scanners, photocopiers, and intercoms
  • Expert in the use of MS Office Works, data entry @ 45 WPM

Work Experience:

2011 - present
The Closing Agent Inc - Orlando, FL
Operations Clerk

2009 - 2010
Bright House Co - Orlando, FL
Administrative Assistant


Graduated from Olympia High School, 2008
Placed in grade B+


Available upon request

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