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Nursing Unit Clerk Resume

A nursing unit clerk resume brings into light your proficiency in handling various clerical, bookkeeping, and administrative functions pertaining to the nursing unit. As it showcases your knowledge and expertise, and the qualities that you possess, it also expresses your willingness to share the vision of the organization, and serve for the advancement of its business. You resume is the tool for showing that you possess all the skills and abilities that are required to become a potential candidate for the position of a nursing clerk. Your resume is the only official medium through which you can extend your request for being given an opportunity, so it is very important that you keep it employer-centered. Although its contents must reflect your professional qualities, you need to craft your resume in a way that all the information that is portrayed here, traces back to the specifications of the job you're seeking. It is therefore essential that you know their vision, so that you can share it momentarily, and market those abilities that are of utmost significance as per the requirements laid down by the employer.

The Career Objective

Every resume features a career objective which not only communicates your interests to the employer, but also outlines your profile. Study the objective that is featured in the sample of the nursing unit clerk resume given below, and observe how the sentences are constructed. You need to club together important pieces of information such as your area of expertise and your current designation, so as to give the objective characteristic feature to act as an official title to the resume. Doing so will successfully draw the attention of the reader, and now all you need to do is keep the reader engaged in your application throughout his read. Initiating interest has never been so easy, simply follow the pattern of sentence construction in the example below and work your way to frame an effective one.

The Executive Summary

As you proceed, customization plays an important role in the enhancement of your profile. A simple act of customization is to keep the contents of your resume highly specific to the job description of a unit clerk. You may even refer to sample job descriptions for a unit clerk, available in abundance on the internet. Summarizing your professional background into 6-8 points might seem difficult, but not really if you choose to leave out all the general responsibilities that you have undertaken during your previous employments. By including only relevant information, you ensure optimal space planning, while imparting a personal appeal to your application, and facilitating an easy read. This is exactly what a busy recruiter is looking for - a brief, yet highly informative reading experience.

Similarly, while stating your key skills, choose to include only those qualities in you that hold significance to your scenario. Include about 5-6 points, all bulleted for highlighting. Observe the layout of the unit clerk resume sample given below, and study its contents to grasp the essence of personalization. You may also include the details of any achievements, provided that they hold some relevance to the employment you're seeking. In such cases, you may state them in your profile summary, or in the employment or the education section, whichever is associated with your accomplishments; however, if you have more than two points to include, it's advised that you include a separate section, following your educational details. Also, references need to be included only if the employer has specified, otherwise, do as shown in the sample below.

Archie A. Garcia
2802 Ray Court
Lumberton, NC 28358
(910) 272-1018


Unit Clerk, with over 3 years of experience in handling clerical and medical-administrative tasks pertaining to nursing within medical facilities, seeks an opportunity to further execute advanced responsibilities concerning healthcare, and serve for self-advancement, while aiding the proliferation of business by blending with the organizational objectives.

Executive Summary:

  • Acquired patient information, and compiled corresponding health records within the nursing unit, including the name of attending physicians for significant future reference
  • Involved in the preparation of medical records for new patients and updating the details of existing patients, undergoing treatment
  • Responsible for recording crucial information such as the patient's pulse rate, temperature, and blood pressure, into patient medical records
  • Records critical instructions provided by the physicians concerning the patient's dietary requirements, medication and treatment reports etc
  • Coordinated with the business office within the hospital premises, at the time of patient discharge
  • Monitored the number of visitors per patient, keeping track of all who come to visit them
  • Provided extra care for patients bound by wheelchair or bed rest, arranging for their conveyance to different locations within the facility
  • Ensured easy access of patient information through effective data storage and organization

Key Skills:

  • Proficient in the use of intercom for communication with patients, visitors, and medical professionals
  • Experienced in the use of MS Office Works for recording and storing medical information; data entry @ 50 WPM
  • Effective interpersonal skills, facilitating communication with patients and co-employees, and high quality patient care
  • Proficient in the interpretation and analysis of statistical and medical data
  • Quick decisiveness, ability to work with peace and accuracy under stressful work conditions
  • Highly efficient in prioritizing tasks, maintaining schedules, and preparing daily/weekly office reports

Employment History:

2010 - present
Cape Stone Healthcare Center - Lumberton, NC
Unit Clerk - Nursing

2008 - 2009
Hermitage Medical Clinic - Lumberton, NC
Intern - Nursing Unit


Certified Diploma in Medical Bookkeping, 2008
Robeson Community College
Placed in grade B

Graduated from Bladen Walls High School - Lumberton, NC
Placed in grade A


Available upon request

Note that copying the entire contents of the above sample resume will certainly lead to a generic application, lacking adequate personal appeal. So, adopt its layout and take tips as to the sentence construction, and customize its contents before you include them in your resume. Browse the website for more resume and cover letter samples.

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