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Meat Clerk Resume

A meat clerk resume shows your proficiency in preparing different kinds of meats as per the standards specified by the employer. An ideal resume should not only connect your interests to the employer's vision, but also highlight the significant job roles you've undertaken so far, thus marketing your profile effectively. For a resume to succeed in gaining the recruiter's confidence, its contents must trace back to the requirements or the specifications of the you're seeking. As a multi-dimensional tool for advertising your profile, a resume is as important as a cover letter, for the latter plays a major role in imparting a personal appeal to your application. Once the reader is introduced to your professional interests through the covering letter, he then moves on to review your resume, where a busy recruiter will spend no more than a couple minutes before he comes to a conclusion.

Prior to writing your resume

There are certain parameters which will aid you in acquiring more clarity about the employer's needs. Visiting their website is the most convenient way of knowing your employer's interests. If time permits, contacting them beforehand might help you analyze their expectations. Now that these imprints have made way to your memories, jot down all that you can think of, on a rough piece of paper, and pick only those points which hold utmost significance to the job profile you're seeking. Keeping the contents of your resume highly specific to your scenario is the key to crafting a productive resume. Refer to the sample of meat clerk resume shown below, and take tips in customization, for adequate enhancement of your profile.

Nature of the contents

While your resume is meant to quantify your professional qualities, expertise, and interests, it must be crafted to suit the recruiter's needs. Try and restrict your resume to one page only; however, there are no obligations for doing so, if you have plenty of information to quote. Study the contents of the sample resume below and take tips on effective sentence construction; learn how to project detailed information, while being brief at the same time. Where they must hold a formal tone, all the details that are included must be personal to the situation. Including additional details that hold negligible relevance to the employment you're seeking is not a good idea, for it does not add any value to your profile, and may even disinterest the reader to a crucial extent.

Summarizing your profile

A great way to customize your resume is through break down of information into parts and bringing them together, in order to facilitate optimal arrangement and a uniform flow of information. One such idea is to summarize your professional history into an executive summary, immediately following your career objective, instead of elaborating them in the employment section. Observe the summary featured in the meat clerk resume template below, and grasp the nature of its contents. Include about 6-8 points that portray the most important job responsibilities you've undertaken so far, down the line of profession.

Similarly, draw the key skills section, including about 6 points, and remembering to leave out all the commonplace skill sets and general qualities that you possess. Aim for optimal space management, avoiding repetition of information and check for completeness in the contents. Given below is a free sample of a meat clerk resume. Adopt its layout, making necessary minor changes if required. If you wish to include your accomplishments, then you may do so in the profile summary, or in a separate section, following your educational details. References need not be provided if the employer has not specified.

Nicole L. Flores
4986 Irish Lane
La Crosse, WI 54601
(608) 799-5467


Meat Pantry Assistant, with over 2 years of experience in preparing meat products of varied sizes and kinds for international hotel groups, seeks an opportunity to share the vision of your company, and evolve in the professiona as an active part of an advancing brand.

Profile Summary:

  • Prepared cold meats and shellfish ready for consumption, ensuring sanitation and health regulations
  • Portioned various kinds of red as well as white meat, labelled with expiry dates, and stored in assigned freezers
  • Implemented preventive measures like rotating meat in storage for minimizing food wastage due to spoilage
  • Coordinated with supervisors to ensure the availability of foods and supplies, coordinated with the stocks clerk and prepared requisition as required
  • Involved in receiving meat shipments, checking them for damage or any discrepancies, and placed on the conveyor for further processing
  • Involved in cutting, grinding, and mincing meat for meat loafs, burgers, sausages, pork cuts, and steaks
  • Responsible for the cleanliness of the grinder, meat containers, and the deep freezers
  • Coordinated with the outsourced recycling organization for food waste management

Key Skills:

  • Highly skilled in the preparation and storage of all kinds of meat
  • Proficient in records maintenance and inventory control
  • Familiar with effective methods for preventing loss of food due to damage or expiry
  • Experienced in smoking and tenderizing meat
  • Familiar with the extraction of pork and ox blood for food processing
  • Effective communication, bookkeeping, and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of procurement and audit procedure


2010 - 2012
JC Stacks Food Processing Co.
Meat Pantry Assistant


Certified Diploma in Food Preparation, 2010
Three Rivers Waldorf School - La Crosse, WI
Secured 61% in the final assessments

Graduated from Aquinas High School, La Crosse, WI
Placed in grade C+


Available on request

Please do not copy the entire contents of the above sample, for it is most likely to lead to a generic resume, which usually the recruiters tend to spot, and such applications are deemed as uninteresting. Hence, pay close attention to personalization, and take time in organizing all details with care and adequate enhancement. There are several resume templates and cover letter samples throughout the website. Do explore to find the best match for your profile.

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