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Maintenance Clerk Resume

A maintenance clerk resume highlights the candidate's ability to provide technical support to the infrastructure of a given organization, projecting his experience in repairing machinery, stationary, office equipments, etc, including welding and plumbing tasks, if he/she has undertaken any. A resume, being the major part of a job application, has to sustain the reader's interest throughout his read, so as to influence his judgment favorably. Not only should it demonstrate your skills, abilities, and knowledge effectively, but also connect your vision to that of the employer. It is in fact a great idea to visit the company's website and learn about their objectives, which will give you an idea of what the recruiter might be expecting to see in your application. If you wish to seek further clarity pertaining to their needs, then you may even try contacting one of the recruiters and discussing the job specifications and requirements, as put forth by the employer. Although your resume intends to promote your capabilities and project you as an active competitor, all the information it portrays must hold complete relevance and significance to the specifications of the job you're seeking and must comply with the needs of the employer.

Organizing the information

Now that you have collected primary data, you can start working on your resume. The best way to organize your contents is by jotting down all the contents on a rough piece of paper, then selecting only those elements that are specific to the job profile you're after. Eliminating the contents that hold negligible importance will actually keep your resume personal to your scenario, thus avoiding any chances of the reader becoming disinterested in your application. In truth, generic information adds neither value nor shape to your profile. Often recruiters are found discouraging such practices, so it's better to keep it all specific to the most.

Study the contents of the maintenance clerk resume sample given below, in order to get a clear idea as to the presentation of your professional qualities. Pay close attention to sentence construction, and grasp the idea of customization, which gives its layout that personal appeal. Arrangement of information can prove messy, and if proper care is not taken to ensure uniformity in the flow of information, it might actually negate the effect of all that customization. In the sample resume given below, you'll see that it features a profile summary, comprising of 6-8 bulleted points. Here, you need to summarize your professional history, considering the most significant responsibilities that you have undertaken during your previous employments. Try clubbing multiple details together, so as to facilitate space planning. Remember, an ideal resume is restricted to the length of one page, so as to facilitate the busy recruiter with an easy, yet worthwhile read.

Similarly, showcase your skills, highlighting them using bullets. Together, these sections work to keep the reader engaged in your application. These sections must be crafted with care, so as to avoid repetition or missing out on essential information. Also, you must have noticed that the example starts with the contact details, leading to the career objective. Every resume must feature an effective objective, which quantify the candidates' interests, and also act as an official title to their profile. Comprising of details such as your current designation, amount of experience, and your key skills or knowledge, it plays a major role in drawing the attention of the reader.

Given below is a free sample of a maintenance clerk resume. Observe its layout, adopt the idea of customization, and refer to its contents for effective sentence construction and optimal arrangement of crucial data. The employment section need not be detailed, as the details have been reduced to a profile summary. Also, educational details need not be elaborated, unless you have graduated recently. You may choose to include your accomplishments in the profile summary or in a separate section, before you mention the references. However, these achievements must hold somewhat significance to your scenario, otherwise there's no point in adding extra set of words that don't even mean anything to the recruiter.

Tim M. Jones
3158 James Martin Circle
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 421-6683


Maintenance Clerk, with over 20 months of experience in the repair and refurbishment of office premises, including repair of equipments and machinery, seeks an opportunity to further perform advanced maintenance activities, delivering optimal outcomes, directed at the development and maintenance of the organization's infrastructure.

Profile Summary:

  • Worked under the monitoring of maintenance supervisor to repair and maintain office machinery/equipment, and support the building's infrastructure
  • Involved in welding, plumbing, painting, and A/C repair
  • Constantly inspected manufacturing equipments including sprinklers and forklifts, for adherence to corporate policies and safety and health standards
  • Performed clerical tasks such as file and records maintenance, participated in pre-audit preparations
  • Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe environment throughout the organization/facility
  • Overlooked the disposal of damaged or worn out products, worked towards minimizing the replacement of such equipments by optimal control and prevention of damage
  • Assisted co-employees and customers in finding products that are located in inaccessible areas

Key Skills:

  • Proficient in the use of tube cutters, tube drain removers, pressure washer, power saws, power jack, compactor, and, scheduling software
  • Closely familiar with the state, local, and federal civil code regulations
  • Ability to work in peace during stressful situations, thus ensuring accurate results
  • Highly efficient in overcoming risk factors such as toxic exposure, cluttered floor surfaces, hazardous cleaning solutions, and operation of potentially hazardous equipment
  • Familiar with standard operating procedures of a wide range of equipments and appliances


2011 - present
Moving Movers Columbus - Columbus, OH
Maintenance Clerk


Acquired high school diploma from Franklin Heights High School, 2010
Placed in grade B+


Available on request

Note that references need not be included unless the employer specifies. Also, do not forget to include an effectively crafted cover letter to introduce the reader to your profile, before he can move on to reviewing your resume. Browse the website for more resume templates and cover letter samples.

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