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Loan Clerk Resume

A loan clerk resume brings out the candidate's qualities and knowledge pertaining to the preparation, review, processing, and closing of loan applications. It highlights one's ability to execute all the legal procedures, associated with the processing of a loan application. Writing a resume might seem like a tedious task, but once you know what the employer wants, then it's as easy as playing a video game. Where guessing the recruiter's expectations pose a potential risk of inaccuracy in judgments, discussing the employer's needs with one of the recruiters would prove beneficial. Simply visiting the company website will help you understand the vision of the company. This way, you can craft an application that connects your interests to the employer's vision.

Organizing the content

Once you know what the reader is looking for, start jotting down all the details concerning the roles you have played in your previous employments. Also, make a list of the skills and knowledge that you possess, considering the specifications of the job you're seeking. Your application needs to be employer-centered, in order to gain the confidence of the reader. Therefore, specificity is one of the primary parameters of a successful job application. All the information you project through your application, must hold utmost relevance to the requirements put down by the employer. All general facts or common responsibilities that you've undertaken should be kept from inclusion, for they add no value to your profile, and including mundane information is likely to disinterest the reader.

Optimizing the layout

Often, the layout of your resume needs to be customized, so as to hold adequate personal appeal to the situation. Simply adopting a standard layout might prove successful, but is likely to be overpowered by other applications that radiate the essence of personalization. In order to rule out any competition, you need to manipulate the structure of your resume for uniformity in the flow of information and optimal enhancement. The sample of loan clerk resume given below shows good amount of customization, featuring a highly effective career objective and a profile summary. Standard formats for resumes usually call for previous job descriptions to be included in the employment history; however, it is better to summarize them into a smaller section. Comprising of about 6-8 points, the executive summary showcases the most significant activities you were involved in during your previous employments. If you have too many elements to be included, then try clubbing two or more pieces of information into one sentence. This will be reflected as optimal space planning, thus facilitating the reader with a quick, short, and a worthwhile reading experience.

The career objective

Your resume should start with your contact details, followed by a career objective that acts as a bridge between your vision and that of the employer. Here's a chance for you to provide the reader with a brief outline of your profile. The objective featured in the loan clerk resume sample not only acts as the candidate's vision statement, but also projects basic information pertaining to her professional qualification, such as the current designation and her area of expertise, put together to reflect her willingness to serve for the progress of the company. Try and achieve perfection while framing your objective and you'll successfully draw the reader's interest, and all you need to do is keep the reader engaged in your application.

Given below is a free resume sample for a loan clerk and interviewer, for your reference. Adopt its layout, and study the contents to grasp the idea of effective sentence construction, and to achieve optimal arrangement of information. You may also include your accomplishments in the profile summary, or feature them in a separate section following your educational details. However choose to let them go, if they lack adequate relevance to the employment you're seeking. This website contains several resume templates and cover letter samples, browse carefully to find the best match for your profile.

Loan Clerk Resume Sample

Deborah S. Anderson
1962 Whaley Lane
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(262) 421-9139


Loan Clerk, experienced in interweing applicants and assisting them in the completion of loan procedures, seeks an opportunity to implement advanced clerical and administrative skills, and stay parallel to the vision of your company, to ensure professional advancement in the financial sector.

Executive Summary:

  • Compiled and prepared loan applications, legal documents and letters, government notices, closing documents, and checks
  • Mediated between the applicants and the Branch Manager for auditing and finalizing loan paperwork and contracts
  • Coordinated with credit bureaus, employers of the applicants, and other sources, in order to ensure the credibility of the applicants, and their ability to pay back the loan within the agreed time frame
  • Updated and maintained payment records, executed closing procedures, and forwarded findings and reviewed credit reports to the loan appraisal department
  • Interviewed the applicants to obtain background information, including their financial condition, and assisted them in the completion of loan procedures

Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent interpersonal and social skills facilitating undisrupted communication with co-employees, authority, as well as applicants
  • Ability to provide high quality customer service
  • Strong time management and multitasking skills, immune to stress or pressure during busy times
  • Proficient in file maintenance, close attention to detail for complete accuracy and zero errors in loan processing
  • Ability to interpret, analyze, and summarize statistical, financial, and mathematical data

Work Experience:

2010 - 2012
Accurate Lending LLC - St. Francis, WI
Loan Clerk


Diploma in Financial Principles, 2009
Alverno College - Milwaukee, WI
Placed in grade B


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