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Liquor Store Clerk Resume

A liquor store clerk resume, ideally restricted to a page's length, comprises of several sections such as the objective, contact details, educational qualification, work experience, achievements, key skills and abilities etc, all of them put together to communicate the purpose of your application to the employer. And this has to match the vision of the employer. A simple way to know what your employer wants is by visiting the company/franchise's website, or contacting the recruiters and discussing the organizational needs, which will subsequently give you a clear idea of what they expect to see in our resume. As you start jotting down pointers pertaining to your professional history, pick only the most essential ones, those that possess utmost relevance to the specifications of the job you're seeking, to be included in your resume.

The career objective

If you observe the layout of the liquor store sales clerk resume sample given below, you'll notice that it starts with the contact details, followed by a career objective. Every resume should showcase an objective, which will trace back to the requirements put forth by the employer. It not only brings into light the candidate's goals and aspirations, but also provides an outline of his profile. Comprised of details such as your current designation and your area of expertise, it acts as an official title to your resume, while expressing your willingness to work - just what it needs to draw the attention of the reader.

Keep it brief, summarize

Often recruiters tend to get disinterested by resumes that are elaborated or lack adequate customization, probably because they're bound by hundreds of applications, which puts limitations to their task of reviewing. On an average, a recruiter spends less than 40 seconds to review a resume. This evidently suggests that you keep the resume brief. One great practice that facilitates optimal space planning and simplicity is by substituting your previous job descriptions by a profile summary, as shown below in the liquor store clerk resume template. All the essential elements that give shape and value to your profile, and those that hold significance, considering your job scenario, need to be listed here. Use bullets for promoting visibility and directing the reader's gaze through each detail, thus ensuring that he doesn't miss out on anything. If you have too much information to include, then try clubbing multiple pieces of information into one sentence. Take tips on effective sentence construction and arrangement of information, to achieve uniformity in the flow of information.

Keep it personal

As stated above, leaving out all mundane or general information aids the enhancement of your profile. By giving exactly what the recruiter needs, he'll find no blind spot to counter-judge his liking for your profile. Where the tone of delivery needs to reflect strong written communication skills, the message that you portray in your application should be personal to the scenario. Refer to the example and study the Key Skills section to get a clear idea as to what you need to present, while showcasing your professional qualities. Educational details need not be elaborated unless you're recently graduated. If you have applied for higher studies, do state the course name, duration, and the name of the institute.

Given below is a free sample of a liquor sales clerk resume. Refer to its contents and adopt its layout. You may also include your accomplishments, either in the profile summary, or separately following your academic history. This website contains several samples of resumes and cover letters, browse thoroughly to find the best match for your profile.

Donald R. Browning
2332 Daffodil Lane
Woodbridge, VA 22191
(703) 491-6960


Store Clerk, with intensive experience in handling sales transactions within liquor stores and executing associated responsibilities, seeks an opportunity to further serve and acquire knowledge of the fundamental practices and methodologies pertaining to retail management.

Profile Summary:

  • Constantly engaged in processing liquor sales, observing customers and checking their ID for adherence to age restrictions
  • Took responsibility for intoxicated customers in the store, denied them service and requested them to leave, avoiding any conflicts
  • Received payments by cash or credit, ensured the availability of change to facilitate cash transactions
  • Received, verified, and approved orders for licensed bars
  • Received and checked shipments for discrepancies, determined stocking needs, and organized product displays on the sales floor
  • Opened and closed stores, ensuring security throughout the shift
  • Counted total sales at the end of shifts, generated daily reports, weekly reports, and balanced accounts of sales and receipts every fortnight

Key Skills:

  • Proficient in the operation of POS applications; data entry @ 40 WPM
  • Expert in inventory control, procurement, and processing bulk orders
  • Excellent customer service skills, effective communicator with sound interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivated, experienced in multitasking, employee schedule management, and bookkeeping
  • Expert in the interpretation and analysis of mathematical and accounting data


2010 - present
AVC Spirit Farms - Woodbridge, VA
Sales Clerk

2008 - 2010
Intoxico - Woodbridge, VA
Store Clerk


Acquired High School Diploma from Heritage Academy
Woodbridge, VA
Placed in grade B


Available on request

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