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Library Clerk Resume

A library clerk resume should be crafted to portray your organizational and bookkeeping skills, while projecting your ability to perform extensive clerical tasks. Your resume should be aimed at demonstrating your interest for academics, while connecting your aspirations with the vision of your employer. It must gleam with originality, and needs to be personalized, for it to successfully engage the reader and keep him motivated to assess your qualities. Your objective should be to communicate effectively and establish a strong connection with the company.

Earning the opportunity of an interview is simply the outcome of the action, which should not be the goal. What we include in our application should possess utmost relevance to the requirements put down by the employer, which is why it is advised that you contact the company and discuss your application with one of the recruiters, so that you get a clear idea as to what they expect to see in your application. Accordingly, you can choose from your skill sets, as to what information you need to present and which ones to omit.

There is indeed a pre-writing stage for the process of drafting an application, where we list down all the qualities and abilities that we possess, and pick out those elements that possess no or low significance to your employment scenario. This includes all the generic job roles that you have undertaken so far. You need to be specific here, and the contents of your resume should match the specifications of the job profile you're seeking. This way, you enhance the personal appeal and value of your profile.

Start your resume with an effective career objective, framed to serve as an official title to your resume, while it introduces the reader to your profile. As shown in the sample of library clerk resume, you need to incorporate basic details about your professional qualification such as your current designation, area of expertise or the total amount of work experience etc. This will act as an introduction for your resume. Take tips from the sample, for constructing efficient sentences, and projecting more information within less space.

Profile summary is an effective substitute for your previous job descriptions that are usually featured along with the details of employment. However, reducing your previous job descriptions to a short summary facilitates the reader with a quick, yet highly informative read. Space planning is very important here, and it is ideal if you restrict the length of your resume to one page only; but do not compress your contents into one page if you have a lot of information to present. Do not exceed eight bullet points; if you have a lot of details to include, then try clubbing two or more elements into one sentence, featured as one bullet point.

Similarly, state your skills and strengths with respect to the value they hold for your profile. Observe the Skills and Abilities featured in the library clerk resume sample. Comprising of about 5-6 points, this section must be aimed at meeting the recruiter's expectations. Eliminate the general skill sets that you possess, for they do nothing to enhance the appeal of your resume. In fact, some recruiters are likely to lose their interest from your application, when they spot these skill sets. So, ensure that you shed the mundane.

Since you have already summarized your employment history earlier, your employment section need not be explained in detail. Similarly, mention only the basic details pertaining to your educational qualification, in the academic details. Depending upon the employer's needs, you may be required to provide the contact details of any two professionals with whom you've worked with, and who can give feedback to the employer, about your personality and performance.

See below for a free sample resume for a library clerk. Refer to its contents and strive to achieve perfection in delivering your message with proper enhancement. Once you have your resume ready, draft a cover letter that goes parallel with your career objective, and successfully communicates the purpose of your application. This website is dedicated to provide resume writing tips along with effective samples, to help you guide through the seemingly tedious task. Explore well to find cover letter samples that suits best for your profile.

Library Clerk Resume Sample

Fernando K. Lemaster
3576 Charter Street
Kansas City, KS 66215
(913) 888-9612


Library Clerk, with over 2 years of experience in managing a public library, and over 3 years of experience in bookkeeping for a recruitment agency, seeks an opportunity to undertake further responsibilities, and emerge as a highly efficient librarian.

Executive Summary:

  • Distributed and collect books, videotapes, newspapers, instructional magazines, periodicals, and other academic materials
  • Updated records of patrons on computers, issuing identification cards to borrowers
  • Organized and filed borrowers' records as well as reading materials within the library according to content and purpose
  • Verified returned materials for damage or missing pages, checking whether the submission is within due-date
  • Sent out overdue notices in standard formats to borrowers, and accepted fines for lost, damaged, or overdue books
  • Repaired damaged books using glue and mending tape, covering new books with plastic covers to increase shelf life
  • Suggested substitute reading materials when those requested were unavailable
  • Coordinated with the accounts department for the procurement of audiovisual and reading materials, estimating purchase costs and drafting requisition forms

Skills and Abilities:

  • Highly proficient in reading, writing, and conversing in English and Italian
  • Excellent researching skills, updated knowledge of renowned writers from across the globe
  • Ability to provide high quality customer service, with great problem solving skills
  • Punctual, ability to work stress-free and optimally during busy hours
  • Knowledge of hardware and networking, highly proficient in using bookkeeping software and MS Office Works

Work Experience:

2010 - 2012
Mid-Continent Public Library - Kansas City, KS

2006 - 2009
Workforce Premier - Kansas City, KS
File Clerk


Certified Diploma in Bookkeeping Principles, 2005
Metropolitan Community College - Kansas City, KS
Placed in grade B+

Graduated from Piper High School - Kansas City, KS, 2003
Placed in grade A


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