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Law Clerk Resume

A law clerk resume highlights the candidate's professional background, marketing his proficiency in aiding the attorneys and jury in the execution of their legal functions, thus showing your ability to prepare, maintain, and distribute legal documents concerning courtroom trials and appeals. An ideal resume not only markets your profile, but also brings together your vision and that of the company, to meet the employer's expectations. Effective advertising of one's profile is all it takes to win the chance of an interview. It's only a misconception when people say there's competition in the profession, for the cause of an application getting rejected is either because it lacks adequate enhancement, or due to lack of clarity, or even because the candidate's qualities do not trace back to the employer's needs. So, rejection is a result of inefficiency, not competition.

Before you start

It is indeed beneficial to contact the organization beforehand and discuss with one of its recruiters about their vision. This will eventually give you a clear idea as to what qualities you need to market, in order to gain the interest of the reader. It often becomes difficult to frame a career objective, for it needs to be employer centered to actually influence the reader's judgment favorably. You may also try visiting the office once and maybe try and get more information on the legal procedures that the court majorly deals with.

Organization of information

Customization plays a significant role in imparting a personal appeal to your application. A generic resume isn't going to provide a satisfactory reading experience, which will eventually disinterest the reader, and even if you possess the qualities to become a potential asset to the organization, you cannot possible convince the recruiter that you possess the required skills, if you have not placed them before him clearly. A good start would be to note down all the details that you can think of on a rough notepad, and select the most appropriate elements pertaining to your professional history, those holding utmost relevance to the specifications of the job you're seeking. Refer to the sample of legal file clerk resume given below, and take tips in summarizing your profile into 6-8 points, to be mentioned in the executive summary.

Pay attention to the tone of delivery

The tone of delivery should reflect a formal and sincere attitude towards the profession, where all the information that you project must hold close familiarity, when associated with the requirements specified by the employer. Although they must bring out your skills and abilities for display, they must be perfectly in conjunction with the vision of the organization, depending upon whether the court deals with legal affairs on a state, local, or national level. Observe the layout of the law clerk resume sample below, and study how the sentences are constructed. You need to be brief while you explain your qualification and expertise. A busy recruiter comes looking for an short, easy, and informative read, so strive to maintain brevity and precision in your content. Choose to leave out all the mundane job responsibilities you've undertaken, and all general skill sets, and commonplace achievements. This will greatly facilitate space planning, giving you a fair chance in keeping the reader engaged in your application.

Given below is a legal clerk resume template, provided for your reference. Adopt its layout; if you wish to add your accomplishments, then you may do so in the profile summary, or in a separate section, following your educational details. References need not be included unless the employer has specified. Do not forget to enclose an equally effective cover letter. Keep your resume to one page only. Browse the website to find more resume templates and cover letter samples.

Kenneth L. Robertson
4717 Cabell Avenue
Herndon, VA 22090
(703) 577-6159


Registered Law Clerk, experienced in aiding the completion of legal tasks of attorneys at state level, seeks an opputunity to further aid the regulation of law throughout the state and nationally, and serve your department, while absorbing deeper knowledge pertaining to the functioning of the legal system.

Profile Summary:

  • Conducted extensive research to compile information supporting evidences
  • Made travel and accommodation arrangements for potential witnesses and jurors
  • Assisted judges and attorneys in court room sessions by providing essential documentation as required for judgments
  • Kept stock of personal as well as real property for estate planning
  • Reviewed and commented on the fundamental laws, judgments/decisions, briefs, and associated legal documents, for significant future reference
  • Constantly involved in extensive research for oral motions for courtroom trials
  • Coordinated with the jury for granting of orders and crafting of documents concerning legal questions

Key Skills:

  • Confident, motivated, patriotic, with strong sense of judgment and analysis
  • Ability to handle sensitive/confidential information, excellent record and schedule maintenance skills
  • Efficient communicator, proficient in the communication of necessary facts and figures through written legal documentation
  • Quick decisiveness, patient approach towards critical/confusing situations, for optimal clarity while making judgments
  • Proficient in the interpretation and analysis of legal and statistical information, for further processing
  • In depth knowledge of all fundamental legal procedures and methodologies


2009 - 2012
Court of Appeals of Virginia - Herndon, VA
Law Clerk


Certified Diploma in Legal Studies, 2009
Howard University School of Law - Herndon, VA
Placed in grade B+


Available upon request

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