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Judicial Law Clerk Resume

Resume should include all the basic points. Regardless of job experience, it is necessary for job seekers to write a perfect resume. A resume should be clear and simple. It should communicate only the vital information that the job demands. It is confusing to frame the right content and layout that gives a professional touch. This judicial law clerk resume is a short and effective way of drafting a unique resume. One can probably find the essential elements of developing a successful and winning resume. This resume sample will fulfill your wish of getting a job interview. Have a quick review to get all you need in building a simple and effective resume.

A judicial clerk is a legal service professional who provides administrative support in legal hearings and court procedures. The main job profile is to provide effective support in handling legal matters. The job responsibilities of a judicial law clerk vary on the type court they work for.

However, some of the common job responsibilities of a judicial law clerk include handling research activities, drafting legal documents, preparing memoranda, maintaining legal documents and filing systems, reviewing file pleadings, attending oral arguments, documenting judge decisions, preparing legal questions, responding to legal queries, providing necessary documents to support judicial process, and maintaining legal documents.

Sample Judicial Law Clerk Resume

Phulson Brown
Three Sub Way, Boston, MA
Cell: (333) - 741-0417

Career Goal:

Seeking a position as a judicial law clerk with a view to utilize and upgrade my legal knowledge towards professional growth and development

Qualification Highlight & Core Competencies:

  • Considerable knowledge of legal procedures, legal codes and practices
  • In-depth knowledge of court practices, legal terminology and concepts, and legal hearing procedures
  • Hands on experience in handling complex legal cases, preparing legal statements, and legal memoranda
  • Familiar with legal principles, legal research software, and court proceedings
  • Skilled in making preparations for legal hearings accurately and precisely
  • Ability to build and maintain strong relationship with judges and legal professionals
  • Skilled in representing the court in a professional and respectful manner
  • Ability to communicate clearly with excellent organizational and management skills

Work History:

Judicial Group, Boston Sept 2010 till date
Law Clerk

  • Handle the tasks of conducting research of legal procedures, preparing legal documents, and attending court proceedings
  • Perform the responsibilities of preparing legal memoranda and court briefings to support the legislative procedures
  • Assigned the tasks of providing support in settlement conferences and in maintaining filing systems
  • Responsible for interviewing witnesses and jurors, reviewing file pleadings, and analyzing the legal sources
  • Perform the tasks of undertaking case management activities, preparing legal memos, and drafting judge opinions
  • Assigned the responsibilities of conducting legal research and assisting the judge as required
  • Handle the tasks of handling administrative and clerical duties as required

Gresyn Coro, Boston June 2008 to July 2010
Junior Legal Clerk

  • Assigned the responsibilities of conducting research on legal procedures and drafting court decisions and other legal related documents
  • Performed the tasks of drafting legal memoranda under the guidelines of senior attorneys
  • Handled the responsibilities of preparing statement of issues and updated the same to the lead attorney for review
  • Assigned the tasks of drafting appropriate recommendations of the case as suggested by the attorney
  • Handled the responsibilities of gathering legal references to provide support in legal hearings
  • Performed the tasks of preparing legal questions by coordinating with the judge
  • Assigned the responsibilities of preparing granting orders and attending oral arguments and court hearings
  • Handled the responsibilities of briefing case details and hearings as well as providing answers to general queries related with legal cases


Achieved Diploma in High School
Boston School in the year (2008)

It can be a bit confusing for those preparing a resume for the first time. The above resume sample will help you to determine the best way of writing a great resume. You are free to utilize this resume in a better way by editing the sections. The purpose of this resume is to enable job seekers in framing a resume that gets the job done. Make the most effective use of this resume by considering the sections updated in the sample. If you want a job interview to reach your doorstep, just pick this resume.

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