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Judicial Clerk Resume

A judicial clerk resume aims to showcase the candidate's expertise in providing essential administrative and clerical support to the jury within courts. You, as a judicial clerk must use your resume as a tool through which you can communicate your interests, with respect to the organizational objectives. It must show your proficiency in conducting research, preparing legal documents and memorandum, briefs, statement of issues etc. To aid the jury in the completion of court room trials is the primordial task of a judicial clerk.

Your job application comprises of two major documents, namely the resume and the covering letter, where the latter is often interpreted as a more personal marketing tool, which introduces the reader to your qualities and aspirations. For your application to gain the confidence of the reader, both these enclosures need to be employer-centered, while they address your skills and abilities, holding complete relevance to the specifications of the job you're seeking. The resume is not only a profile reader, but also a bridge that connects your needs to that of the employer.

Getting started

Before you start compiling your job application, you need to know what exactly a recruiter comes looking for. A good way to understand the vision of the employer is by contacting the court and talking to one of the recruiters, only to discuss their needs. This will give you a clear idea as to what you need to present, in terms of your experience and knowledge. All the details that you include in your application must trace back to the requirements put forth by the employer. Keep this in mind, and start jotting down all that you can think of related to your previous employment and the roles that you have played so far. Now, select those points that hold utmost significance to your employment situation.

How do I impart a personal appeal to my resume?

Standard resume templates often don't do much to impart a personal appeal to your resume. However, slightly manipulating the structure or the layout of your resume will definitely get your application personalized. Study the layout of the judicial clerk resume sample shown below, and you'll notice that the employment section lacks the previous job descriptions. This is because they have been summarized into a short section, following the career objective. Here, only the most important and relevant elements pertaining to your work experience need to be explained. All commonplace details or general responsibilities undertaken should be left out, so as to induce specificity to the subject. Not exceeding 8 bullet points, this section covers all the major elements in brief, where bullets are used for highlighting.

Also, while you frame your career objective, try and include basic details that also provide a brief outline of your qualification, such as your current designation, the area of expertise, the amount of experience etc. The objective should not only draw the reader's attention, but also act as an official title to your resume.

Effective sentence construction

If you study the example carefully, you'll come across sentences that are efficiently framed to project more than one information. This strategy promotes optimal space planning, thus facilitating the reader with a brief, yet highly informative read. You need to try and keep the length of your resume restricted to one page only, for the reader of your resume is usually a busy recruiter who has a couple hundred job applications in queue, to be reviewed and judged accordingly. On an average, one does not spend more than a minute to review your application. So, try clubbing two or more pieces of information together, and strive to achieve uniformity in the arrangement of information.

Given below is a free resume sample for a judicial clerk, the contents and layout of which will actually guide you through the seemingly tedious task. You may also include the details of any awards that you may have received during your education or previous employments, or any significant roles that you may have played which can be associated with achievements. However, do ensure that whatever you information you include, holds adequate relevance to the job scenario you're in. You may choose to mention them in your profile summary, or feature them in a separate section following your educational details.

Judicial Clerk Resume Sample

Jacqueline R. Caviness
2955 Shearwood Forest Drive
Manchester, NH 03101
(603) 289-4321


Judicial Clerk, with over 2 years of experience in conducting extensive legal research and preparing critical/sensitive legal documents, seeks an opportunity to further serve for the regulation of law throughout the state of New Hampshire.

Executive Summary:

  • Engaged in legal research, drafted legal opinions and memos, majorly aiding the completion of tasks of the judiciaries in a legal process
  • Coordinated with attorneys and legal file clerks for specific cases that require extra focus
  • Responsible for the administration and maintenance of the judges' dockets
  • Reviewed the records documented during trials and researched appropriate laws to facilitate the drafting of an opinion, for the judge
  • Attended court sessions to document oral arguments and essential case information.
  • Coordinated with the jury for accurate construction of documents, granting of orders, and certain legal questions

Key Skills:

  • Sound understanding of case management, familiar with fundamental procedural requirements
  • Proficient in the preparation of briefs, statement of issues, and legal memorandum
  • Self-motivated, confident public speaker, with a strong ability to handle critical or urgent situations
  • Ability to handle and safeguard sensitive or confidential information
  • Proficient in the use of computers and related applications, data entry @ 60 WPM

Work Experience:

2010 - 2012
District Court of New Hampshire - Concord, NH
Judicial Clerk


Completed J.D Degree, 2009
University of New Hampshire: School of Law
Placed in grade B


Available on request

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