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Insurance Clerk Resume

An insurance clerk resume illustrates the candidate's proficiency in compiling and managing data pertaining to insurance of various kinds, speaking of his/her ability to handle all paperwork involved in crucial transactions. It lays down your interests and goals for the reader's taking, thereby holding the potential to establish a strong relationship with your employer, and subsequently earn you the opportunity of an interview. A resume, in order to succeed, needs to be crafted considering the needs of the employer. Failure to adhere to the specifications of the job may result in an impersonal resume, which is most likely to be rejected.

Although the purpose of your application is to advertise your profile within the employment market, one must share the vision of the company, so as to blend with its interest, and eventually gain the confidence of the recruiter. Writing a resume is not difficult at all. It's only the start that seems confusing, and the possible reason for this is lack of clarity in the employer's expectations. You can easily analyze their expectations by visiting their website or talking to one of the recruiters and discussing their needs. You may also try reading through the sample job description for an insurance clerk, which are available in plenty throughout the web.

The career objective

Your resume starts with a career objective that not only introduces your reader to your interests, but also projects an outline of your professional qualification. As shown below in the sample of insurance clerk resume, the career objective comprises of multiple details such as the current designation, the field of interest, and experience, reflecting your willingness to serve for the growth of the organization. Effective sentence construction will impart an innovative feature to your objective, which will enable it to act as an official title to your resume.

Summarize the details for brevity in content

It is always best to keep your resume to one page only, as the readers of your resume are basically busy recruiters, who may not afford to spend more than a minute to review your resume and judge accordingly. Hence, it is very essential that you leave out all mundane facts and details that possess negligible significance, considering your scenario. Including generic information which we all are aware of, isn't going to impart any personal appeal to the resume. Nor does it add any value to your profile. In fact, it may have a negative effect and may disinterest the reader to a critical extent. Refer to the given sample resume and take tips on effective sentence construction and customization. Arrange all information considering uniformity and easy visibility, so as to keep the reader clinging onto your application. The best way to summarize your professional background is to include a profile summary, instead of the usual job descriptions that may project irrelevant information, and often leads to repetition of details.

Follow the layout of the insurance clerk resume sample given below, and study the contents to get a clear idea as to the presentation and enhancement of your profile. You may also include the details of any achievements, either in the profile summary, or in a separate section following your educational details. Educational details, on the other hand need not be elaborated, as long as you're not recently graduated. Similarly, there is no need to expand the work experience section, since you have already compiled your professional background into a summary.

Leonardo H. Medina
4438 Oakwood Circle
Irvine, CA 92664
(949) 307-9460


Insurance Clerk, with over 20 months of experience in managing the records pertaining to home, business, health, automobile, and accidental insurance, seeks and opportunity to further implement acquired knowledge and abilities, sharing the vision of your prestigious organization, and serving for the evolution and stability of the financial sector in whole.

Profile Summary:

  • Deeply involved in the compilation and maintenance of files and critical data pertaining to insurance policies, covering the risks of an individual, an industrial entity, or a set of equipments
  • Organized and stored records of insurance related transactions for easy access and distribution throughout the organization
  • Responsible for keeping track of dues in premiums and policies that are expired or about to expire, send mails requesting extension/renewal of insurance programs
  • Prepared vouchers and invoices for payment of premiums, verified timely payments and took corrective actions on overdue
  • Responsible for informing insurance companies beforehand of potential or possible changes in properties that may affect the insurance coverage

Key Skills:

  • Proficient in typing amortization schedules
  • Efficient in the compilation, interpretation and analysis of statistical and actuarial data
  • Excellent communication skills, efficient in the regulation of interdepartmental and intra-corporal communication
  • Sound networking skills, closely familiar with taxation codes and compensation policies
  • Self-motivated, self-confident, ability to handle sensitive or discreet information


2010 - 2012
Stewart Title Co - San Francisco, CA
Insurance Clerk


Diploma in Accounting Principles, 2009
Clearfort State Academy
Secured 66%


Available on request

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